Issue Date: 17 Mar - 23 Mar, 2018


    Moon Mughal commented 5 months ago

    very nice drees

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      Najeeb Alam commented 4 months ago

      Ma Shaa Allah Very Very Nice Magazine ......

      aamir commented 2 months ago


    mosaddiq fateh commented 4 months ago

    very good magazine needs more to be positive

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    mosaddiq fateh commented 4 months ago

    u only want positive remarks

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    Nadeem Ahmed commented 3 months ago

    Nice Magazine keep it up

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    Muhammad Moavia Aziz commented 2 months ago

    Very Very Nice Magazine

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    Sara commented 2 months ago

    Very very good magazine

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    aman khan commented 2 months ago

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    sulaiman commented 2 months ago

    nice dress and nice hair style

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    Sulaiman rashid commented 2 months ago

    V.nice Hair style and pretty style and nice magazine. Wow

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    Michelle Ball commented 2 months ago

    You need to give credit to the sources/authors of your information. If you don't that is considered plagiarism.

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    M.junaid jameel commented 2 months ago


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    heer commented 2 months ago


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    Rahila Anees commented 2 weeks ago

    Reading Mag Magazine is an Opportunity to know recent updates of Fashion & International Relations

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    sulman commented 4 days ago

    I liked the mag particularly pictures of Mahira khan.

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