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Mar 12 - Mar 18, 2011
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Starry & Diva-esque: Katrina Kaif

PotpourriBoth friends and colleagues claim that the Katrina-of-today is different from before. From a naive and polite film industry outsider to an alleged diva has Kat really changed or is everyone just being harsh on her? You decide…

On Her Debut
Then: Kaizad Gustad spotted the pretty model at a party in London. Originally Katrina Turquotte, Gustad renamed her Katrina Kaif. "We created Katrina Kaif!" said Gustad. "Nobody even knew about her existence till Boom. In fact, the name Kaif was given by me." Ms Kaif revered Gustad like no other in those days!
Now: Strangely, now Kat doesn't really acknowledge the man who allegedly 'gave her a break'. She allegedly doesn't talk to Gustad at parties, doesn't answer his calls and has lambasted her debut film by Potpourrisaying it was something she tried in the "josh" of being a teenager.

On Her Relationship With The Media
Then: In 2006, before the release of Race, when Katrina was not the name to reckon with, she used to go out of her way to give interviews and would be forthcoming and reply to messages even if it was late at night.
Now: At Circa 2009, fresh from the success of Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani, Katrina kept the media waiting for over four hours. Then, instead of addressing the journos directly, after keeping them waiting, she answered all the questions through her publicist!

On Her Vanity
Then: When she first started her career, Kat was not very finicky about make-up or clothes and was happy, with what she got. She even publicly admitted: "I hate make-up and dressing up."
Now: Five years later Kat is rarely seen anywhere without her hair dresser, make-up artist and stylist. Apparently Akshay Kumar was miffed that she kept him waiting for hours because of her hair and make-up for a Tees Maar Khan promotional event. In fact Farah Khan, recently said in an interview, "I don't know Potpourriwhat actresses do in the make-up room for four hours. Are they getting plastic surgery or putting on make-up?"

On Old Friendships
Then: If Gustad introduced her to Bollywood, then Akshay Kumar helped her stay there by constantly recommending her to his directors. When asked about this, he said, "I'm making life easy for a colleague. I struggled once. Why should someone else go through that?" Kat and Akki got on like a house on fire. In fact, Akshay was the first person Katrina took for a spin in her Audi in 2007 while promoting Singh Is Kinng.
Now: Kat used to be willing to do anything to show Akshay her gratitude. But in 2010, despite several requests from him, Kat couldn't find dates to shoot a Potpourripromotional song for TMK. An irate Akshay reportedly told Kat "Have you forgotten all that I did for you?"

On Her Manners
Then: Soft spoken and shy with not many T'town friends, Kat was known to be very polite and a pleasure to work with. A co-star once said, "She always has a smile on her face. Extremely politically correct, she never involves herself in any scandals."
Now: Kat is reportedly not the same little girl anymore. She allegedly asked for a glass of water on the plane recently through her secretary. At an event when the press asked her to wish Ash a Happy Birthday, Kat boldly said "I don't want to." She also made some harsh statements about Salman's family, like: "People will ask Munni who' once they see my item number in Tees Maar Khan."

5 Things About Aamir Khan

PotpourriHe's been constantly turning the flow of filmmaking with his every release. Few thoughts on the processes of the thinking actor.

1. He prefers to be guided by his spontaneity and instinct…
I believe I need to be organic and spontaneous about what I feel like doing. I go by instinct and I go on what I feel like doing at that time. I don't plan ahead.
2. The master of good acts knows he's the king of good box-office tides as well…
'Flop' films of mine have done more business than certain 'hits' of other actors.
3. He believes the best promotion is honest promotion…
People often ask me how I plan the promotion of my films. And I tell them that I just tell the audience the truth. During Peepli Live, I was very clear about sending the message across that it was a socio-political satire. During Dhobi Ghat, I told everyone that it's an art house film. People generally hide the fact that they've made an art film. But you have to respect the fact that every person who goes to spend his hard-earned money on a ticket has the right to know about what he's going to see.
4. Being in the moment is the secret behind his commendable craft…
If I am doing a film, I am in that moment. I am not thinking what would happen if it is a hit or a flop. My mind does not go there.
5. Going arty will never be just a phase for him…
Most of the times, art films are better made films. They offer you a different perspective from what you usually see on-screen.

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