Jan 15- Jan 21, 2011

Its' been a bad year for some and a great one for many. Following are some of the winners and the losers of the year gone by.

Drama King Nominees
Boman Irani
He portrays the innocent vulnerability of a villager, who wants to build a well to solve the water problem, with aplomb in Well Done Abba.

Drama King
Salman Khan
Dabangg's ostentatious Chulbul "Robinhood" Pandey won us over with his peculiar quirks, daring stunts, odd fashion traits and his romantic vulnerability. Undeniably, this is Khan's and 2010's most substantial act.

Drama Queen Nominees
Drama Queen
Vidya Balan
She's an actor par excellence, no doubt about it. It took a bold character like Ishqiya's feisty Krishna Verma to capitalise on her true potential. She tackled Krishna's contradictions with maturity, even handling the most scandalous revelations with compassion.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
She breathes fire into the life of Ragini as she flights for her freedom in Raavan.

Minisha Lamba
The spirited Muskaan in Well Done Abba, is well connected and grounded, unlike the conventional heroine.

Rising Star Nominees
Ali Zafar
Zafar matches his amazing vocal records with his notable acting debut in Tere Bin Laden.

Though Rakta Charitra - II received flak for unnecessarily glorifying violence, his fiery acting was appreciated.

Rising Star
Sonakshi Sinha
While most star kids prefer to hog the limelight in their debut performance, she had to share hers with Salman Khan in Dabangg. Yet, she held her fort. While the script favoured Chulbul Pandey, Sinha's demure Rajo did strike a chord. Her controlled portrayal sets the precedent for better performances ahead.

Bad Guy Nominees
Sonu Sood
Dabangg's Chedi Singh is rustic, mean and irrepressible, but Sood deals handles him with maturity and sophistication.

Naseeruddin Shah
While Allah Ke Bandey fizzled out at the box office, Shah's menacing portrayal didn't go unnoticed.

Bad Guy
Ronit Roy
Only a proficient actor could've brilliantly captured the complexities of an arrogant, abusive father. And Roy does just that, and more. He pushes the boundaries with a gripping portrayal of timid teenager Rohan's menacing father in Udaan. While the narrative explores the strained father-son relationships, Roy elaborates on his unforgivable failings.

The Creator Nominees
Habib Faisal
The fact that he gave the effervescent Rishi and Neetu Kapoor the perfect tale to reunite them after 30 years in Do Dooni Chaar is admirable.

Prakash Jha
Crafting a plot with numerous lead actors and giving each their due is a feat only Jha has mastered.

Shyam Benegal
Only a filmmaker of his repute could make social satires without indulging in inane buffoonery.

The Creator
Vikramaditya Motwane
For a first-timer, with absolutely no Bollywood clout, it's commendable how he's weaved together an impressively sensitive tale in Udaan. While exploring a volatile father-son relationship might appear too ambitious for a debut effort, Motwane's mature treatment emphasises how talent and dedication are crucial to produce great work.

Biggest Let-down Nominees
Ranbir Kapoor
After treating us to remarkable performance in Raajneeti, he follows it up with the dud Anjaana Anjaani. Poor decision.

Irrfan Khan
When a stalwart performer wears a ridiculous wig and prances around for no apparent reason in Knock Out, we know there's a real problem!

Mallika Sherawat
She took getting into the skin of the character quite literally for Hisss, only her effort left us wanting to skin her!

Biggest Let-down
Abhishek Bachchan
Despite a rather pompous declaration that his modern-day version of mythical ruler Raavan would have a staggering impact on his career, the film fizzled miserably at the box-office. Even the critics were intolerant towards his lacklustre act. While Mani Ratnam's Tamil villain [Vikram] walked away with the applause, Bachchan was left wounded in Raavan.

Best Flick Nominees
Tere Bin Laden
A remarkably hilarious insight into media's immature workings, with issues of terrorism thrown in. Riotous!

Indian epic Mahabarata gets a political alteration. Impressive cast and a gripping story line.

The intenses dynamics of broken home, captured delicately through the eyes of a rebellious youngster.

Best Flick
Abhinav Kashyap might've refused to take on meaningful cinema, just like big bro Anurag, but his hard-core Bollywood escapist story appealed to everyone. From the critics to the audience, the fun adventures of the boisterous Chulbul Pandey created a staggering buzz. Despite staying true to the basic ingredients, intelligent dialogues and apt casting turned this potboiler into something spectacular.

Bollywood Music
Mover And Shaker Nominees
Katrina Kaif
Her raunchy moves as the scorching Sheila set the temperature soaring!

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
Elaborate costumes, superstar Rajni and lush locations and the moves were out of this world.

Mover And Shaker
Malaika Arora-Khan
Dabangg's sensational Munni has turned into a rage. She's found a place in the Bollywood hall of fame for this sizzling number!

Sound Track Nominees
Pritam, Adaesh Srivastava, Shantanu Moitra and Wayne Sharpe join forces for this masterpiece.

Sound Track
Once Upon A Time In Mumbai
Pritma's tunes set the pace, perfectly, to reflect the pulse of the Mumbai mafia.

Veteran A.R Rahman proves he's still got what it takes to stay at the top.

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
His voice is unmatched and in Dil To Baccha Hai Ji in Ishqiya you sense it power even more!

Rekha Bhardwaj
Her powerful voice gave Ravaan's Ranjha Ranjha a memorable touch. •

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