Jan 15- Jan 21, 2011
Wake Up!
Pakistan is not a poor country; it is merely a poorly managed one. Pakistan has the world's second largest salt mines, fifth largest gold mines, fifth largest coal reserves and the seventh largest copper mines, but unfortunately the government is taking loans from the IMF. Pakistan has the second largest dams in the world, has three nuclear reactors and five rivers but load-shedding has now become a common problem. Pakistan has the sixth largest army and is a nuclear power, however, we have been unable to use any of these resources to take any action against terrorists and drone attacks. Also, Pakistan is the seventh largest rice producer and eighth largest wheat producer in the world but the concerned authorities have failed to control inflation, which is increasing day by day. The main reason behind this whole mess is mismanagement. We need to manage ourselves better.
Mahnoor Malik,

Fabulous MAG!
MAG is a fabulous magazine. I first got the chance to read it at my friend's house. At first, a gorgeous model on the cover page captivated my attention but once I went through the whole magazine, it became difficult for me to stop reading it. The reasonable price motivated me to apply for yearly subscription of the magazine. I love your health and fitness section. It has lots of useful information regarding health problems. As I live abroad your cookery page has helped me a lot with my cooking. I would suggest you to specify a particular cuisine for a month and publish starters, main course dishes, desserts and drinks in your four weekly issues in a month.

Price Control
The prices of all commodities and products have increased manifold during the past few months and the trend continues. There seems to be no check on the price escalation while manufacturers continue to increase prices arbitrarily whenever they wish. I think it is high time the government imposed 'price control' in the country or else a major segment of the population will be deprived of the two morsels that they can hardly eke out for their families, in these days of hardship and inflation.
Ayaz Khan,

Gents In Ladies' Compartments
I am a working woman and I have been using public transport for five years. I am writing this letter to register the same complaint that has probably been lodged several times by hundreds of other women also. The most irritating part while going to the office is to see men stand and sit in the ladies compartment. On strikes and other such days when public transport is rarely available bus conductors discourage women to use public transport. It is really humiliating when the males fall on woman passengers when the vehicle is jolted due to the driver's reckless driving or the bumps and potholes on the roads. The government should take effective measures to stop this invasion of ladies' compartment. I would also like to request police to take strict action against those men who enter and sit in ladies' compartment.

Fairness Creams
There has always been discrimination in Pakistan. Our society openly permits and promotes a disdain for dark skin. Skin-bleaching creams are marketed by celebrities promising an improvement in one's popularity and careers. People never seem to value education and other skills of a girl. Why do we discriminate among people on the basis of their complexion or their physical features? It is said that character contributes to beauty. It fortifies a woman as her youth fades. A mode of conduct, a standard of courage, discipline, fortitude and integrity make a woman beautiful.
Sana Rashid,

Unhygienic Food
Many street vendors, with their unhygienic foods and beverages, are spreading diseases such as diarrhoea and cholera by using impure spices and tainted food materials. Hospitals, schools, bus stops and markets are flooded with such vendors. On the other hand, people have no other choice but to purchase these, as they cannot afford the expensive restaurants. Moreover, the water they use for washing the crockery is unclean and they just rinse the spoons and plates once without any soap or clean water. This also increases the chances of hepatitis. The concerned authorities should take notice of this and issue licenses or certificates after checking the quality of food.
Akmal Kazmi,


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