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18 June - 24 June, 2011
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Game Of Thrones Trivia
A quiz for fans of George R.R. Martins's "A Song of Ice & Fire" series.

1. Davos the Onion Knight always carries a pouch around his neck. What did the pouch contain?
A. Four fingers
B. A bracelet
C. His toes
D. Onions

2. Who is Mance Raydar?
A. Wildling
B. One of the "Others"
C. King-beyond-the-wall
D. Sworn brother of Night's Watch

3. How old was Jaime Lannister, when he was made a knight of the Kingsguard?
A. 12
B. 18
C. 15
D. 16

4. In "A Game of Thrones", Eddard Stark and Robert Baratheon talked, Robert said: "The others take your _______!" What is the missing word?
A. Honour
B. Sleep
C. Beauty
D. Pride

5. Find the missing word in House Baratheon's family motto.
"Ours is the _____!"

A. Strength
B. Life
C. Fury
D. Wind

6. In "A Game of Thrones", Syrio taught Arya Stark: "Fear cuts deeper than ______"
A. Daggers
B. Swords
C. Thorns
D. Blades

7. How many knights were in Robert's Kingsguard?
A. 6
B. 7
C. 8
D. 5

8. In the Kingsguard, Jaime Lannister had a special nickname. What was it?
A. Giant of Lannister
B. Prince
C. Kingslayer
D. Lion

9. Who is the master-at-arms in Winterfell?
A. Ser Jory Cassel
B. Ser Rodrik Cassel
C. Ser Mikken
D. Ser Hallis Mollen

10. A vicious battle occurred when Robert Baratheon clashed with Prince Rhaegar Targaryen upon the Trident. What weapon did Robert use to slay Rhaegar?
A. Iron Cudgel
B. Greatsword
C. Warhammer
D. Battle Axe

11. The imp, Tyrion Lannister was always a manipulative and clever dwarf. When imprisoned by Lysa Arryn, he backed her into a corner and forced her to allow him trial by combat. His champion defeated her champion, and he now had the right to leave. When she tried to stop him, he invoked the Arryn motto, and she let him go. What is the motto?
A. Family, Duty, Honour
B. Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken
C. Ours Is the Fury
D. As High As Honour

12. While Lyanna Stark lay dying before the eyes of her brother, she whispered something to him before she passed into oblivion. What was it?
A. Never forget
B. Promise me
C. Avenge me
D. Winter is coming

13. Pick the correct order of the Dire Wolves corresponding with the names of the children that own them: Robb, Sansa, Arya, Bran, Rickon, Jon?
A. Ghost, Shaggydog, Summer, Nymeria, Lady, Grey Wind
B. Grey Wind, Lady, Nymeria, Summer, Shaggydog, Ghost
C. Nymeria, Summer, Grey Wind, Ghost, Lady, Shaggydog
D. Shaggydog, Ghost, Lady, Summer, Nymeria, Grey Wind

14. What did Joffrey, Crown Prince of the Seven Kingdoms, name his sword?
A. Ice
B. Lion's tooth
C. Longclaw
D. Needle

15. Who was named Kingsgaurd after Ser Barristan Salmy was forced into early retirement?
A. Stafford Lannister
B. Justin Manderlay
C. Sandor Clegane
D. Loras Tyrell

16. Which of the knights at King's Landing executed Lord Eddard Stark with Stark's own sword, a blade of Valyrian steel named Ice?
A. Ser Ilyn Payne
B. Ser Janos Slynt
C. Ser Podrick Payne
D. Ser Kevan Lannister

17. Which Stark was the King Who Knelt?
A. Theon Stark
B. Torrhen Stark
C. Mikken Stark
D. Galbart Stark

18. Who are Eddard Stark's siblings?
A. Brandon, Benjen, Lyanna
B. Benjen, Lyanna, Rickon
C. Rickard, Brandon, Jon
D. Robert, Brandon, Rickard

19. Where did Lyanna die?
A. Dragon Stone
B. Summerhall
C. The Tower of Joy
D. Winterfell

20. Who arranged Dany's marriage?
A. Illyrio Mopatis
B. Jorah Mormont
C. Khal Drogo
D. Xaro Xhoan Daxos

21. Which of the Free Cities did Patchface come from?
A. Volantis
B. Tyrosh
C. Myr
D. Pentos

22. Whose deaths does Arya request from Jaquen H'jhar?
A. The Tickler, Weese, Jaquen H'jhar
B. Dunsen, Weese, a guard
C. Polliver, Adam Marbrand, Jaquen H'jhar
D. Chiswyck, Weese, Jaquen H'jhar

23. Who said: "There are no men like me, there is only me."
A. Jaime Lannister
B. Tywin Lannister
C. Tyrion Lannister
D. Sandor Clegane

24. Who was not in some way part of Robb's murder at the Red Wedding?
A. Roose Bolton
B. Ser Rolph Spicer
C. Tywin Lannister
D. Rickard Karstark

25. Who was not part of the conspiracy to spirit Edric Storm away from Dragonstone?
A. Ser Parmen Crane
B. Ser Andrew Estermont
C. Ser Gerald Gower
D. Ser Rolland Storm

26. What were the names given to the two swords made from Ice?
A. Lion's Tooth and Longclaw
B. Widow's Wail and Oathkeeper
C. Heartbane and Widow's Wail
D. Oathkeeper and Lion's Tooth

27. Who was accused of trying to kill Bran Stark in his bedroom?
A. Jaime Lannister
B. Tyrion Lannister
C. Petyr Baelish
D. Cersei Lannister

28. There is a man in the Night's Watch who is one of the Targaryen dynasty. Who is it?
A. Thoren Smallwood
B. Benjen Stark
C. Maester Aemon
D. Lord Jeor Mormont

29. How did Robert Baratheon die?
A. He was wounded by a boar.
B. He committed suicide.
C. Cersei Lannister poisoned him.
D. He died in the rebellion against house Targaryen.

30. How old was Sansa Stark at the beginning of the book?
A. 12
B. 13
C. 10
D. 11

1. Four fingers
2. King-beyond-the-wall
3. 15
4. Honour
5. Fury
6. Swords
7. 7
8. Kingslayer
9. Ser Rodrik Cassel
10. Warhammer
11. As High As Honour
12. Promise me
13. Grey Wind, Lady, Nymeria, Summer, Shaggydog, Ghost
14. Lion's tooth
15. Sandor Clegane
16. Ser Ilyn Payne
17. Torrhen Stark
18. Brandon, Benjen, Lyanna
19. The Tower of Joy
20. Illyrio Mopatis
21. Volantis
22. Chiswyck, Weese, Jaquen H'jhar
23. Jaime Lannister
24. Rickard Karstark
25. Ser Parmen Crane
26. Widow's Wail and Oathkeeper
27. Tyrion Lannister
28. Maester Aemon
29. He was wounded by a boar.
30. 11

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