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Mar 19 - Mar 25, 2011
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The Adorable Ayesha

The twinkling eyes, the magical smile and the confident persona makes her truly an icon for many young gals in town. She is none other than the charming Ayesha Omer. With exceptional acting, singing and hosting skills, she has left her mark everywhere. A painter by profession, the fine arts graduate from NCA knows all the right tactics to make her viewers mesmerised. A lady of high aims looks up to Oscars and Grammy as her final destiny which she is sure to achieve with sheer determination and hard work. She strongly believes that a person should think big to achieve big. Recently MAG caught up with Ayesha to explore the hidden arena of her life. Excerpts

sans borderWJ: Did you always aspire to join the entertainment industry? How did you enter showbiz?
In my school days, I used to actively participate in extracurricular activities; from singing lessons, dancing to theatre. I was also a member of different societies related to performing arts in college especially theatre, mime and puppetry. So it was inevitable for me to do something related to performing arts professionally. I entered showbiz by co-hosting a television show, Meray Bachpan Kay Din, with veteran artist Muneeza Hashmi. Then I did a sitcom, College Jeans that became very popular among the younger lot.

What is your philosophy in life?
I have a very simple philosophy in life – a person should be very adaptive to situations and moods. With a rigid behaviour, one can make things even more difficult for him.

Are you a planning-centric person?
I am not at all a 'planner' but I want to give my best in whatever I do. I strongly believe that the prominence achieved without dedication, sincerity and hard work is very short-lived. There are no shortcuts in life. To achieve real fame one has to strive harder.

You are often blamed for throwing tantrums. Any comments?
It's not true, I never throw tantrums. When artists do not get paid for their work, then one should not expect a nice behaviour from them. Also if I am on location in time and there I come to know that my fellow artists are late, then obviously I get upset and it is reflected in my mood. I guess they need to understand it's not tantrums. It's just that I get irritated with others' irresponsible attitude.

Are you an attention seeker?
Instead of seeking attention I like to give others extra attention and care. I think it makes the other person feel special and I always like doing that. I have never demanded extra attention, even on shoots I am always very nice to my colleagues and crew members, as I believe that if you are nice to anyone then in return that person will also be very considerate towards you.

Is Ayesha a family girl? What is family to you?
I am completely a family girl. I love to be with my family all the time. My father passed away when I was a year and half old and after him my mother looked after me and my brother, she is everything to me. Because of work demands I have settled down in Karachi but I often travel to Lahore to catch up with my family.

Please share with us the happiest moment of your life?
I don't remember any specific moment right now but for me the happiest moment is when my mother is happy.

You have proved yourself as a good singer with your solo songs. Have you been working on your debut album?
Singing is more than a passion for me and to be a good singer is my final destiny in showbiz. For the past few years I have been working on an album. It has been completed now and I am going to launch it in a month or two.

How was the experience of hosting a cooking show?
I love cooking and when a cooking program was offered to me I jumped at it. It was all about desserts and sweets. It was a wonderful experience and I had great time. I received immense appreciation from my fans.

Which character traits of yours do you like the most and why?
I think my quality of forgiveness makes me different from others. I hate people who keep grudges in heart.

How do you unwind after work?
I love to eat and a good meal is enough for me to get in a good mood. After a hectic work schedule I prefer to stay at home, eat good food, listen to soothing music and watch some really good movies.

What kind of a person are you?
I am an extremely sensitive and emotional person. I am also very romantic. For me a perfect romantic situation is a candle-light dinner on the beach with soothing music in background.

How do you see media – a friend or a foe?
Media is just a profession for me. I don't consider it extremely important in life, as most of the artists do. For me the real life is much different, bigger and tougher than the one being portrayed by media persons.

What is the best advice you have ever received?
I have received some of the best advice of my life from senior artists. I have learnt a lot by listening to their experiences. The best advice I have ever received is that patience is the key to success.

If you could offer one piece of advice to someone striving to be an actor, what would it be?
Always be nice to people, live and let others live. In life one can achieve anything with hard work.

Ayesha As A Fashionista

sans borderFashion Inspirations: Inspirations can come from anything, from people we meet to colours and nature. I like wearing a lot of Nomi Ansari's outfits. I like the way he uses colours. Madonna is also an inspiration as she constantly reinvents her style.

One Thing You Would Like To Change: In our fashion industry, lobbying and grouping has sabotaged the young talent, this should end. And if it is about me, I would like to be a little more patient.

What Does The Mirror Say To You: Well, it doesn't say anything; in fact my mirror doesn't talk to me. I just look into it to see if I am looking okay.

Latest Fashion Buy: I have recently brought some material for my friend's wedding, also some really nice tops and make-up too. I love buying make-up as most of the time I wear my own make-up.

Favourite Item of Clothing: I don't have any favourites. It actually changes with the situation and my mood. While relaxing at home, I prefer to wear pyjamas. On a hot sunny day, a simple lawn shalwar kameez is my preference and of course jeans is something that works for me every time.

Most Favourite Possessions: I actually don't remember right now, may be my Roberto Cavalli shades.

Fashion Statement: I prefer to wear something that looks good on me and whatever I am comfortable in.

Favourite Make-up Trick: There is no trick as such, it's just that I use vaseline as a moisturiser most of the time around my eyes, which most of the people don't know.

Fashion Blunder: Everyone has made some fashion blunders in life, so do I. Once because of the darkness I couldn't judge properly and applied heavy blush on my cheeks.

Style Tip: It's actually a lifestyle tip; drink a lot of water as it makes your skin glow. Keep your head and feet clean. Bold and solid colours don't suit everyone, so be little careful while using them. As for accessories, the basic rule – less is more.

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