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Mar 26 - Apr 01, 2011
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All Eyes On You
Learn how to apply colours, which ones to wear when, and discover the shades that will complete each look

Strata is a palette of classic neutral shades such as dark brown, warm medium brown and silky pinkish beige.
How To Use
• Apply the beige shade all over the upper eyelid up to the brow bone. Also apply it along the lower eyelid.
• Sweep the medium brown shade over upper eyelids, going over the crease.
• Roughly outline the upper eyelid with the dark brown shade to intensify the upper eyelid contour.
• Apply the same dark brown shade along the lower lashline as well.
Great for creating a subtle, smouldering look either during daytime or at night. Suits fair and medium skin tones best.
Complemented By
Use a brown eyeliner pencil on the upper lashline for grater eye definition.

BEAUTY & YOUTropicalia
Tropicalia is a palette of playful colours such as hot pink, acid green and luminous yellow.

How To Use
• Apply the green shade broadly over the upper eyelid. Apply the shadow cleanly under the eyes as well.
• Next apply the yellow shade around the outline of the upper eyelids to the outside of the crease. Blend well.
• Finally, sweep the pink shade over the upper eyelid contour to intensify the area.
Great as daytime wear to create a refreshing and elevating mood. Women with a youthful spirit can use all three colours together, but those looking for more mature sophistication can skin the pink. Suits all skin tones.
Complemented By
For even better eye definition apply black eyeliner along the upper lashline, and then swathe the lashes in black mascara. For the lips, go for shades of dark rose or pink.

Boudoir is a palette of sensual pinks such as deep velvety rose, bright shimmering pink and pale powder pink.

How To Use
• Sweep the lightest pink shade all over the upper eyelid extending up to the brow bone. Apply a little of this pale pink shade under the eyes as well.
• Apply the medium pink shade on the upper eyelid contour extending way outside the crease. Blend well.
• Finally lend depth to the eyelid contours by applying the deep rose pink shade.
Ideal as daytime make-up for a fun morning. Suits fair skin tones best.
Complemented By
Go for a lip colour in deep rose or any shade of pink.

Jungle is a harmonious palette of lush green such as deep glossy green, bright leaf green and pale silvery green.

How To Use
• Apply the silvery green shade all over the upper eyelid up to the brow bone. Apply it along the lower lash line as well.
• Now apply medium leaf green shade over the eye contours, extending it beyond the crease. Blend well.
• Next apply the medium green shade along the lower lashline. Finally, sweep the glossy deep green shadow over the eyelid contours.
Works fine as a daytime make-up look for an outdoor event or as a dramatic evening look. Looks good on all skin tones.
Complemented By
Natural beige-pink lip colour goes perfectly with the succulent green shade of eyes.

Opera is a trio of unusual yet harmonising contrasts like bright sky blue, pale gold and deep bronze.

How To Use
• Apply the blue shade all over the upper eyelid, up to the brow bone. Then using another brush apply the pale gold shade only to the upper eyelid contours.
• Now apply the bronze-brown shade from the outer corner of the eye and blend in along the crease to give it a deeper effect.
• Apply the bronze-brown shade along the lower lash line.
Great for a sophisticated, formal evening look. Suits all skin tones.
Complemented By
A dark brown eyeliner pencil along the upper lashline. The complementing lip colour for this look is a natural rosy pink.

BEAUTY & YOUSnow Shadow
Snow Shadow is a beautiful combination of deep indigo blue, silver grey and snow-white shades.

How To Use
• Take the white shade and apply it broadly over the upper eyelid up to the eyebrows and along the lower lashline.
• Now apply the medium grey shade over the upper eyelid extending way outside the eye crease area.
• Finally, intensify the eye contour area with the dark blue shade applying it only up to the crease. Blend well with the previously applied shade.
Works both as an intense evening look or even as a smouldering day make-up look. Looks good on fair and medium skin tones.
Complemented By
Define eyes with a black eye liner on the upper eyelid (optional) and finish the look with black mascara. Lipsticks in pink and rose shades complement this look well.

Fire is a trio featuring deep charcoal black with bright flaming orange and pale grey shades.

How To Use
• Apply black shadow cleanly all over the upper eyelid contour do not go beyond the crease. Apply black shadow on the lower eyelid as well.
• Then apply orange shadow with another brush straight on to the black colour, extending way outside the crease to leave a clear orange halo outside the black contour.
• Sweep the grey shadow just under the eyebrows to finish.
Ideal for an evening make-up look, suits all skin tones.
Complemented By
A thin black eyeliner on the upper lashline and a generous coat of black mascara.

Ready, Steady, Go!

When you're racing to get out of the door in the morning every second counts. These quick tricks will help you beat the clock. From the perfect pout to a smokey eye, nothing is impossible if you BEAUTY & YOUfollow our step-by-step make-up guide

Get ready in…

1 Minute
(60 seconds)

1. Moisturise
Dab a tinted moisturiser over your face and neck as your make-up base.
Time: 20 seconds

2. Voluminous Lashes
Apply mascara only to your upper lashes, using quick movements and wiggling the wand as you swathe the lashes in pigment so that they don't clump together.
Time: 20 seconds

3. Lip And Cheek Tint
Quickly apply a lip and cheek tint by dotting it over your cheeks and lips. Rub and blend and you've managed a rosy blush and shiny lips in a matter of a few seconds.
Time: 20 seconds

2 Minutes
(120 seconds)

1. Daytime Base
Squeeze a small drop of foundation on your palm, then rub well between both hands, as you would with a moisturiser, then dab all over your face, blending smoothly as you go. The effect is that of a flawless tinted moisturiser, a subtle base that will be ideal for light daytime make-up.
Time: 30 seconds

2. Smokey Eyes
Take a coloured eye pencil crayon and draw a thick line along the upper eyelids. Smudge the outer edges slightly with your fingertips and quickly blend it over the eyelid contour.
Time: 1 minute

3. Matte Mouth
Line your lips with a soft matte lip pencil, then fill in the centre with a few soft strokes of the same lip pencil.
Time: 30 seconds

3 Minutes
(180 seconds)

1. Defined Eyes
Quickly rub a neutral, satin shade of eye-shadow over the upper eyelids with your fingertips. Draw a thick line along the upper eyelids with a dark brown eye pencil flicking slightly at the edges. Finish off with a black kohl pencil along the lower lashline.
Time: 80 seconds

2. Contour The Cheeks
Take a bronzer stick and rub a little of the shimmery product on your fingers. Blend well in upward movements along your cheeks. Step back, check the effect and blend more if needed. That's a subtle bronzed effect in less then 60 seconds.
Time: 60 seconds

3. The Perfect Pout
Roughly outline your lips with a neutral beige lip pencil, purse lips together and dab a drop of voluminising lipgloss in the centre.
Time: 40 seconds

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