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Yamla Pagla Deewana
The three – Dharmendra, Sunny and Bobby – represent three generations of Hindi cinema. The Deols have rarely been hailed for great acting but their charm and swarthy good looks have been beguiling audiences since 1960, when Dharmendra first appeared on screen. Here Karnik creates a broad, largely nonsensical narrative that allows each one to play up his image and make fun of it. So Dharmendra is Dharam, the lovable, flirtatious, often conman father. Bobby is Gajodhar, his younger son, mostly useful for romancing and singing songs. And Sunny is Paramveer, the older, upright NRI son, who makes mince meat out of men, sometimes even without lifting his legendary dhai kilo ka haath. Starting with the title, which comes from a popular song from Dharmendra's 1975 film Pratiggya, Karnik relies heavily on nostalgia and on the audience's familiarity with each star's image. Sunny, who even gets a Gadar-like moment with a hand pump, is clearly having the most fun. Like the leading men, the humour is earthy and pretty silly but there are some laugh-out-loud moments – with Poli played by Sucheta Khanna, a Sardarni who aspires to NRI status. She knows all there is to know about Canada and underneath her shalwar kameez wears a T-shirt that says – I love Caneda (Canada). However, there is such a thing as overkill. It's almost as if Karnik and the Deols want to make up for not appearing onscreen for much of last year, so this film goes on and on and on. Each one gets to do everything – comedy, fights, item numbers and for good measure, a few emotional scenes as well.

The Dilemma
The story follows bachelor Ronny (Vince Vaughn), who is riddled with anxiety and doubt over whether to tell his longtime best friend and business partner Nick (Kevin James) that his wife (Winona Ryder) is AT HOMEcheating on him with a young thug (Channing Tatum). With a big automotive deal looming for their company, Ronny is reticent to rattle the already frazzled Nick any further. But as his own behaviour grows increasingly erratic, much to the chagrin of his girlfriend Beth (Jennifer Connelly), Ronny is forced to have to decide whether he tells Nick the truth and risk breaking his heart and ruining his own deal, or not telling him and possibly losing his best friend altogether. The Dilemma poses a dilemma all right: Is it a comedy or a drama? It's certainly being marketed as a comedy featuring the respective stars of Couples Retreat and Paul Blart: Mall Cop, but it is in fact that iffy hybrid, the drama-comedy, which asks the viewer to both laugh and maybe cry (or at least take things more seriously at times). Unfortunately, The Dilemma never quite finds the right tonal balance, although its dramatic moments are certainly more potent than its comedic ones.

The Way Back

The Way Back is a 2010 war drama film about a group of prisoners who escape from a Siberian prison during World War II. The film begins with Janusz being interrogated for sabotage and espionage by a AT HOMESoviet officer; however, he refuses to admit guilt. It then becomes apparent that his wife has been compelled to sign a statement accusing him of criticising the Communist Party and Stalin, and acting as a spy for foreign powers. On the basis of this statement, Janusz is sentenced to twenty years in the prison.
At the camp in Siberia, Janusz meets Mr. Smith, an American, in the food queue. After being served, Janusz gives some of his soup to a starving, elderly inmate. Mr. Smith remarks that food is valuable and 'kindness can kill you here'. One evening during a blinding snowstorm, Janusz and his inmates decide to implement an escape plan, but the snowstorm increases in intensity and the escapees consider returning to the camp. Janusz insists that the weather increases their chance of escape and cuts masks for the group from the bark of trees. Aided by masks the group continue on into the forest leaving the pursuing guards behind.

No Strings Attached

Adam (Ashton Kutcher) is a production assistant on a terrible sitcom and an aspiring stand-up comedian. AT HOMEHe's disillusioned with the idea of love after his dad, a famous actor, and starts dating his former girlfriend of four years. Emma (Natalie Portman), a young doctor in training, is equally cynical about romance, stemming from her parent's rocky marriage and a distant connection with her mother. She compares being in a committed relationship to a suffocating peanut allergy in her blunt, quirky brand of humour.
Emma and Adam are life-long friends who almost ruin everything one day. In order to protect their friendship, they make a pact to keep their friendship strictly 'no strings attached'. 'No strings' means no jealousy, no expectations, no fighting, no flowers, no baby voices. It means they can do whatever they want, whenever they want, in whatever public place they want, as long as they don't fall in love. The question becomes – who's going to fall first? And can their friendship survive? The film centres on two people, one of whom is a doctor, trying to have an emotional relationship, only to have a revelation of wanting more.

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