Jan 29- Feb 04, 2011
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Poetic Perfection! Arieb Azhar recites 'Mere Des'

MAG MUSICArieb Azhar has gained popularity because of his sensible choice of kalaams and his very distinctly confident voice. What to call a man who sings about revolution, Ishq-e-Haqiqi and has kept Sufism alive in the most beautiful way possible. We heard and loved his performances in the famous studio sessions produced by Rohail Hayat, his new numbers promise to be equally uplifting!
Azhars association with music dates far back. He shared that his love for music started at a very young age, time drew him towards poetry by famous Sufis of the sub-continent. He has been associated with Super Stars For Flood Relief – a joint effort by various musicians of Pakistan to rehabilitate the flood victims.
'Husn-e-Haqiqi' brought this maestro to the common man's eye, his unwavering voice reciting Khwaja Ghulam Farid's kalaam created magic we had never seen before when it came to poetry recitals. The release of a new album is just around the corner and the first glimpses are breathtaking!
'Mere Des' is a patriotic lullaby; this one does not have any jargon that you would find hard to understand. A simple, melodic and extremely uplifting track that leaves you feeling high and good about being a Pakistani! The bad press, persistent blows either by nature or politicians and pessimistic remarks from scholars that have smeared minds with negativity about our beautiful homeland seem unimportant when you listen to 'Mere Des'. It lights up a spark and washes away every question we have about Pakistan's stability.
Penned beautifully by Arshad Bhatti, directed by Shahbaz Sumar and produced by Faisal Rafi. The concept of the video is simple yet artistically very beautiful. It features Maheen Khan (finally wearing white), Shehnaz Ismail, Jabbar Gul, Yousuf Bashir Qureshi, Faiza Ahmed and Arieb Azhar. While each one of them is doing his/her own work, Azhar sings about the beauty of our country, "Mere des me hen imkaan bohot, aas umeed armaan bohot Sehraa me ek boond gire, chashma pathar se phootte Sakht seet me dhoop khile, daryaa me koyi leher utthe Mere des ke baasi yaar bohot, warafta den pyaar bohot Shagufta lehjon me, besaakhta ulfat ki Sadrang baaten karte hen, kaano me rass bharte hen Mere des me hen imkaan bohot, aas umeed armaan bohot". The video shows street children enjoying themselves while going about their usual business; the kids finally find their way into the studio where they color the white sets with all sorts of bright colors!
Pieces by this talented musician are always a delight to listen to. Arieb Azhar appeals to the young and old equally. His new album is highly anticipated and hopefully one worth cherishing! •

'Back To December'- The Most Talked About Single Comes Out A Major Disappointment!

Taylor Swift has gained the respect of critics, fellow musicians and listeners. The quality of music produced by this young country girl has been noteworthy if not exquisite. 'Back to December' has been the most talked about track from her latest album 'Speak Now', mainly because it talks about her relationships with Lautner and other celebrities. Media gossiped about her release and the guessing games started. Who was she talking about? Was this just another love song or was Taylor Swift pointing MAG MUSICher fingers towards someone? The verdict was given; 'Back to December' was Swift's apology to Taylor Lautner.
With lyrics such as "And this is me swallowing my pride, standing in front of you saying I'm sorry for that night and I go back to December all the time. It turns out freedom aint nothing but missing you, wishing I'd realize what I had when you were mine. I go back to December, turn around and change my own mind. I go back to December all the time" and rumors of a video to be released soon, the media was in frenzy. Everyone expected a video that would raise the curtain over what exactly had happened. January 12 was when Swift finally released this much awaited music video, the results? Who ever knew what this song was worth was left open mouthed. No, not because she had revealed her deepest darkest secret and not because it was sure to grab a bunch of nominations for best video, everyone was surprised because the video was plain bland!
There's nothing different about 'Back to December', there is no story, no acting, nothing even worth mentioning. It resembles the video of 'Mine' (which was reviewed earlier) but this ones a major disappointment especially for Taylor Swift fans (or those who are so fed up of Katy Perry, Ke$ha and Lady Gaga that there's nothing more that they wish for except Swift's videos being somewhat decent).
There is absolutely no effort put in making of the video, the protagonist is not half as good looking as Twilight's Jacob Black and that is just one of the disappointments. Half the video is filled with Swift's beauty shots and the other half with shots of snow – oh and there's the model too but he is just shown occasionally. There is no interaction between the two characters whatsoever mainly because then the makers of this video would have to come up with a story too!
Taylor Swift's persistence to make music about her life seemed interesting at first but repetition has become quite boring. Its time this lovely lady came up with more than just stories of her love life! •

MAG MUSICDesi Release This Month – Nabeel Qureshi 'Khamosh Dono'
If you're looking for a soft romantic number to unwind to then 'Khamosh Dono' by Nabeel Qureshi is your song! The talented director proves just how good he is when it comes to music. This track speaks of the beginning of new love accompanied by light but addictive tunes. Although the composition does not test Nabeel Qureshis vocals, he has done quite a good job of making the number pleasant on the ears.
'Khamosh Dono' is the first track released from his upcoming album. This number too has seen an internet release and is fast gaining popularity among music lovers. The lyrics are as light as the music itself and speak of young love, "Suhani Suhani ye kahani, fiziain ye batati hain, kya karoon main khamosh dono, khamoshi gungunati hai. Dheeray dheeray hongi baatain dil ki, Dheemay Deemay…"
With its melodious composition and the fresh, pleasant vibes that this number gives out, I personally am anxious to see what the rest of the album sounds like! Download 'Khamosh Dono' and enjoy this lovely track, its easy on your ears and will definitely creep into your playlists! •

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