Editor-in-Chief & Publisher: MIR JAVED RAHMAN

What's In Your Stars In 2017!
Hold your horses as 2017 gets underway.
Important ventures you begin at the start of the year could stall. Get one step ahead of the rest and time your moves. Astrologer Joanna Watters predicts the year ahead…

Issue Date 31 Dec - 06 Jan, 2016 at 2:00 PM


JANUARY Let go of a project that’s no longer working and release the bad vibe. Friday 13th whizzes you a lucky work opportunity.
FEBRUARY You’re at your best when you radiate passion. Pursue your love quarry, and line up a saucy Valentine’s Day encounter.
MARCH You might regret what happens if you rush things. Be patient, especially with your heart.
APRIL Be a saver, not a spender, and don’t let cash slip through your fingers. Play the boss and always put yourself first.
MAY Try again where you failed, as second chances prove
lucky. A last-minute plan gets the go-ahead.
JUNE A family celebration or anniversary turns into an unforgettable event. Love blooms at such a happy time.
JULY If you’re out of work, turn to the ones you love for support. If someone close needs you, drop everything.
AUGUST Love and friendship are linked, but an affair splits loyalties. Act the part, and leave the amateur dramatics to others.
SEPTEMBER Start a new health or fitness routine and aim for conditional peaks. You’ll thrive on a routine.
OCTOBER A money gift or bonus brings the freedom you desire. It changes the way you view someone close for the better.
NOVEMBER Use your intuition to figure out the person who’s working against you. Create a new bond based on trust and loyalty.
DECEMBER Take charge at work or at home. It’s time to show you’re a leader.

Secret to Success
You might be a firebrand of a sign, but you know that overnight success is a Hollywood legend. Real achievements usually take time and effort.

‘I am working hard today for all my tomorrows’

The opportunities opening up to you this year are connected to very different parts of your life. In February, it’ll be time for you to make some kind of restart in your spiritual life. That could mean going on a retreat. August is when you should be having fun with some kind of creative outlets.

1. Prioritise a love relationship on your terms.
2. Ditch the wrong job to pursue the right vocation.
3. Gain some expertise in investing, stocks and shares.

Your relationship
Make romance high priority as Venus and Mars grace the most romantic sign of the Zodiac, Pisces. Kick off with a list of how you’re going to keep your relationship fresh.
New love
This is a good time to consider what you want in love. Fantasy helps with locating the ideal partner, so let your imagination run wild! Don’t rush headlong at the first attractive person you see as your stars point to an infatuation.
Career & money
It might be hard to get hold of key personnel early in the year, so bide your time. Good news comes your way once communication planet Mercury is back in your Career Sector on the 12th.


JANUARY Tackle money matters, debt or investments after the 8th. Once you know where you stand financially, then plans can be made.
FEBRUARY Home isn’t the place you thought it was.
The memories you hold in your heart mean more than bricks and mortar.
MARCH Your inner life is rich. Hold onto your beliefs and defend them against cynics or deriders.
APRIL Work behind the scenes until you’re confident of what you have to offer.
MAY Let your light shine, especially areas that include teaching.
JUNE The more varied your routine, the happier you’ll be. Keep your options open; a new job brings joy.
JULY Tricky relations upset the family and affect the status quo. Your stubborn nature helps restore order once you take charge.
AUGUST Change is in the air, whether you move home or leave work.
SEPTEMBER An addition to the family unites you all. A romantic love affair can heal your past.
OCTOBER Look out for the person who inspires you or sweeps you off your feet. You can’t say no to their irresistible magnetic attraction.
NOVEMBER A breakthrough about money and what it means helps you create a future free from financial worries.
DECEMBER Boundaries or rules must be adhered to over Christmas. Say yes to a new role as a teacher or mentor.

Secret to Success
Be unconventional when it comes to climbing the career ladder. Doing things differently is the fastest way for you to achieve professionally.

‘I’m working on my financial life, going one step at a time!’

Even if you already have a lot of friends, expect more to come into your life. It’s a good year for Taureans to widen their social circles. It’s always good to have new blood in your life.

1. A job in health or beauty is linked to prosperity.
2. Open your heart to love and find the right relationship.
3. Explore your psychic abilities in the spring.

Your relationship
Sit down together and make exciting plans. You may not see each other much at the moment because of work, and this will create a sense of unity.
New love
If you like someone you’ve known for a while, move things on to the next stage. But make sure your feelings are more than infatuation before you declare your intentions.
Career & money
Work hard to keep things on an even keel. This isn’t the time to go in all guns blazing at work, but charm your way instead.


JANUARY A relationship that’s going nowhere won’t make anybody happy. Issue an ultimatum, then decide to commit or quit.
FEBRUARY Listen to what life’s telling you. Grab an unusual opportunity that arrives by text.
MARCH Wait and see where a relationship with a friend is heading. Unfinished business needs attending.
APRIL Build some quiet time into your day. Don’t get involved in petty office politics.
MAY Keeping a secret isn’t easy. If you keep shut, the rewards you receive will be immense.
JUNE The time for talking is now. Don’t be scared to open up about your feelings, especially in a significant relationship.
JULY Brainstorm ideas if you need to pay off a debt.
AUGUST Don’t have a closed mind if you’re planning a trip. Look out for a last-minute invitation.
SEPTEMBER Redecorate your home or join a community project.
OCTOBER If you’ve been dreaming of a new career, the right opportunity is about to come.
NOVEMBER The more you put into a relationship, the easier it is to see what the future holds. Be honest about matters of the heart.
DECEMBER When love’s right, commitment comes easily. Decide where your heart lies.

Secret to success
Any role that leaves you bored or clock-watching doesn’t fit the bill. Manifest your dream job by dreaming about it!

‘My relationship skills are growing stronger’

There are very big career doors opening in 2017. Are you ready to walk through? Your hard work over the past few years will finally pay off! If you can communicate, it’ll present opportunities. There’s also a fresh start with your siblings.

1. Widen your social circle to increase your luck factor.
2. Make you dreams of a new career come true.
3. Commit to future goals to strengthen relationships.

Your relationship
Your ruler Mercury moves direct in your relationship sector, indicating turning points. You may hear something that helps you make up your mind or speak out.
New love
Second chances are on the cards, and a person you met last year is back on the scene. The 5th-7th is pivotal, and if you want to try again with someone special, go for it.
Career & money
Progress at work is linked to the actions of others. Keep people sweet, but don’t hand over responsibility completely. Be wary as you may discover someone can’t be trusted.


JANUARY Book a holiday for later in the year so you have something to look forward to. Stand up to a bully.
FEBRUARY Keep close tabs on a bank or credit card so you don’t lose out financially.
MARCH If someone lets you down at home or work, use this to spur you on to take change of your own destiny.
APRIL It’s time to make your escape from a bullying boss. An opportunity to work freelance or start out on your own is timely.
MAY You benefit from a job or routine that provides security. Where possible, take the easy option.
JUNE A trip into your past brings unexpected benefits. This includes finding long lost family or an offer of help.
JULY You have the strength to pursue your own goals regardless of what other people say. Put your own needs first.
AUGUST Rein in your spending during an unstable month for cash. Dig deep to find your inner resolve.
SEPTEMBER Find a job close to home. New qualifications will improve your prospects and fast.
OCTOBER It’s your luckiest month, so make the most of it. Enter competitions or become a contestant on a game show.
NOVEMBER The right job includes a mix of security and freedom. Learn to work to live rather than live to work.
DECEMBER A relationship that honours loyalty before passion secures your future. The best Christmas present makes a dream come true.

Secret to success
Cancerians have a reputation for being stay-at-home-cake bakers, but there’s way more to you than that.
You’re fearless when it comes to cashing your career goals. You simply go for it.

‘I go one step at a time towards the life of my dreams’

You have amazing energy powering into your Cash Zones in 2017, opening new financial doors. They may be swinging open, but you have to walk through them. So what ideas do you have for improving your cash flow? There are new opportunities coming, linked to travel, study, the Internet and spiritual learning.

1. Break free from the 9 to 5 routine and work from home.
2. Learn cosmic ordering to fulfil your wishes.
3. Swap a relationship based on control for a love filled with joy.

Your relationship
If the same question about your relationship keeps rearing its head, step back. You need to switch off your mind to listen to your heart. Make sure you sort out what really matters.
New love
Keep options open about love until the middle of January, and wait to hear from someone you met at a party. A new relationship that begins now will have complications, but if you connect on a deep level, you’ll juggle work and family.
Career & money
It’s easy to slip into a defeatist mindset, especially if your job has demanding hours. The same goes if you’re looking for work as you can feel disheartened if things don’t work out the way you want.


JANUARY Try to make the holiday feeling last as long as possible. You’re going to need it once work kicks in.
FEBRUARY Drama arrives on Valentine’s Day. The Leo Eclipse shakes things up, and out pops a proposal or a new love interest!
MARCH Absence makes the heart grow fonder if a loved one is away.
APRIL Work frustratingly stops and starts, and other plans interfere with career progress.
MAY You can now fulfil the dreams you have linked to new horizons, kids or romance.
JUNE Learning a language opens doors. Find more time so you can think things through and study.
JULY An ordinary life brings little pleasure. Do something extraordinary to get back in touch with the amazing you.
AUGUST Big steps are required as you embark on a new journey at the helm.
SEPTEMBER The call of the wild continues to draw you away. But a word of warning – just make sure that you’re solvent before you respond.
OCTOBER Delve into your past and find out where you’re from.
NOVEMBER Help out with a charity linked to kids and education. Sharing your home puts a gloss on your karma.
DECEMBER When a job ends, take your time saying goodbye. But when all’s said and done, it is a chance to invest in your future.

Secret to success
You have a wonderful stubbornness when it comes to your career and professional life. While this can get you into trouble, overall it’s a quality you can use to your advantage. Refusing to take no for an answer can bring career rewards.

‘There is a time for work and for fun. I know the difference’.

The world’s your oyster this year. You have some amazing energies pouring into your sign, especially in August. But you don’t have to wait until then to make changes. Financially, things can be very different now to what they were in the past. And if you want to change your life, this is the year to face the direction in which you want to go!

1. Go back to school for education or pleasure.
2. Invest in a holiday home or go abroad.
3. Your relationship with a child is your greatest area of learning.

Your relationship
Make the most of the long weekend at the start of the year and devote yourself to your beloved. Love planet Venus is in your Relationship Sector, but only until the 3rd. After that, other commitments get in the way.
New love
There’s a saucy feel to your stars as Venus and Mars move to a taboo sector. An affair is on the cards, but don’t fool yourself if you are enjoying lust rather than love. Ask leading questions too, especially if a new partner or lover is being evasive about money.
Career & money
Difficulties could arise if work clashes with your principles. Or you may be annoyed by a colleague who’s argumentative. The Full Moon brings resolution, and you’re wise to do whatever feels right. Money matters require scrutiny, so ensure you’ve paid on time.


JANUARY Love leads the way. Pour energy into a relationship or make a commitment to find Mr or Mrs Right.
FEBRUARY When a job comes to an end, you lose your way. Someone close helps you see it was meant to be.
MARCH Rein in your spending if extra expenses crop up. Take responsibility for your welfare rather than rely on others.
APRIL If you’re away, allow extra time for travelling. New surroundings help you get some distance from a pressing issue.
MAY Fight for a job or promotion that’s on offer. Being competitive wins the day, so put your own needs first.
JUNE Go all out to improve your finances and earn money. This is an abundant period for manifesting your goals.
JULY Ask colleagues for assistance if you’re needed elsewhere. Your kind nature will be much in demand.
AUGUST Take on a role as a career or volunteer, as helping others is in your nature. What you give, you receive in return.
SEPTEMBER Your relationship teaches you so much about each other. Share your problems.
OCTOBER Your words have power, so use them wisely. A new role as a writer sparks your interest.
NOVEMBER You can complete an important project that began three years ago. It’s linked to your emotional and financial stability.
DECEMBER The family holidays you were hoping for might look different. Keep your options open and be willing to compromise.

Secret to success
Virgos can often be nit-pickers, which can get you into trouble. But it also makes you one of the most conscientious and successful of
all the signs.
Career wise, you’re way more flexible than people give you credit for.

‘I’m sorting out issues at home and with my family’

When it comes to love, you have so many gambits opening up in 2017. Whether you’re single, or happily or miserably attached, this year can be a real game changer for you and your relationship. It’s also a big year fo you spiritually.

1. A big investment in your future requires faith.
2. Work hard to unite your family.
3. A spiritual path brings the peace you’re seeking.

Your relationship
If you’re a parent or career, ask people you trust to help you.
New love
Events tell you little about a lover’s true intentions. It’s only later that you know if they’re ready to commit. Yet with Venus lighting up your relationship Sector, if you want to find love, this is your best chance.
Career & money
As a new year begins, you’re keen to sort out your financial deficit. Look at where your money goes and if you can rein in your outgoings, make important cuts close to the Full Moon.


JANUARY Get the basics right and focus on work and family. You also need a healthy routine to get you through the year ahead.
FEBRUARY Decide what you want when it comes to love. You’re up against opposition, but don’t betray your ideals.
MARCH Everyone has their opinion on what you should and shouldn’t do in a close relationship. But it’s your business!
APRIL Back out of a financial arrangement. You’ll pay for it in the short term but at least you’ll be back in control.
MAY Your independence matters. If a kid’s being troublesome, get advice from a friend.
JUNE Opportunity knocks when you broaden your horizons. Play big with travel and adventure to light up your life.
JULY If there’s something you want to achieve, don’t let anyone or anything stop you. Being ambitious pays off!
AUGUST Falling out with a friend or splitting from a group hurts. Allow some time apart to heal.
SEPTEMBER Reconnect with a mate to find peace. Aim for harmony, but don’t compromise your needs.
OCTOBER Look out for a money making idea that’ll transform your finances. Once you find it, give it your all.
NOVEMBER When you hear the words you’ve been waiting for, you know who you can trust. Back this person all the way.
DECEMBER You discover what home and family mean to you. If someone is absent they will be missed.

Secret to success
You’re a leader and a self-starter. You’re a great negotiator, too, which means you can get on with just about anyone.
As they say, ‘People do business with people they like.’

‘I’m a lucky, lucky Libran!’


Your daily life and routines will be in focus in late February. If you’re not happy with the way things are, it’s time to make changes. If you’re not living as healthily as you’d like, use the February energies to give yourself a reboot. August sees a new day dawning for you and your friends. If you want to expand your social circle, this is a very good time to do it. You can expect to be extra popular in 2017.

1. Dream big and make the most of your lucky stars.
2. Set new rules in a significant relationship.
3. Complete an unfinished qualification or learn a new skill.

Your relationship
Recent events have thrown a spanner in the works, but try to establish a calm atmosphere at home. You’ve found this upsetting, so do make an effort to regain your equilibrium. You and your beloved can find peace take one day at a time.
New love
Everyday life takes over romance, which means it’s virtually impossible to find time for love. This all changes once the Sun enters your Romance Sector.
Career & money
Focus on work and everyday stuff as plans put in place now lay the foundations for your year ahead. Other people play an integral role in how successful you are in your role or help to create an efficient workflow.


JANUARY Give in to romance and enjoy being wooed. Life seems so much safer when you’re in a blissful mood.
FEBRUARY Changes at work are the catalyst for a major shift. Marry up your inner purpose with how you earn your loving.
MARCH Break away from working for a company to go freelance. You’ll quickly discover who’ll join you.
APRIL If your love life’s slipped into a rut, you’ll suddenly experience passion coursing through your veins. That May well not be with your regular partner, though.
MAY Look after your health and you’ll reap the benefits for months. Spend money to help other people.
JUNE If you’re less ambitious about making money and more passionate about enjoying your life, reassess what you want long term.
JULY Take time out go somewhere you don’t speak the same language.
AUGUST It’s hard to hold steady when eclipses shake your foundations. Just go with the flow.
SEPTEMBER The letting go process continues. If you’re ready for new beginnings in one or more areas of your life, it’s your lucky day.
OCTOBER It’s time to celebrate and be joyful, and to give thanks for what you have. However, be ready to run with new opportunities.
NOVEMBER If you can stabilise your finances through work or family, grab the chance. An investment in your future pays off.
DECEMBER Put thought into your gifts, and ask for the same in return. A commitment will last.

Secret to Success
Regarding work, you take enormous pride in what you do, which gets you places. You want to turn heads professionally. This makes you someone whose work stands out. It’s worth going the extra miles as career success will bring joy.

‘I am confident about my talents I have a lot to offer’

February sees a lot of new energy in your personal life. It’s time to have fun! Many Scorpios have been workaholics since 2012. It’s time to ease up, but don’t down tools altogether. You need to find a work/life balance. The New Year really boosts your professional achievements, meaning you could take your career to the next level. But take time out to relax so you can soar to new working heights.

1. An alternative lifestyle boosts your health.
2. Be bold and steer your career in a brand new, exciting direction.
3. Take time out and head off on a retreat.

Your relationship
The lovers of the Heavens, Venus and Mars, hang out in your Romance Sector for January. You revel in each other’s company. You’re feeling highly charged, so the closer you are the easier it is to weather storms together.
New love
Make this the month to tap into your fantasy world and allow your dreams to inspire you when it comes to love. Don’t let fear hold you back. You have a deep vat of emotions at your fingertips, life is inviting you to dive in.
Career & money
Consolidate your situation rather than branching out on something new. Communication planet Mercury turns direct in your Money Sector on the 8th, a symbol of good news. Once you know how you are financially, then you can decide what steps to take to secure
your situation.


JANUARY Someone in the family needs attention. Tread on eggshells as they are feeling particularly sensitive, and desperately seek your approval.
FEBRUARY Enjoy romance that begins in time for Valentine’s Day. It fulfills a need you’ve been craving.
MARCH Put kids first and don’t underestimate the strength of their feelings. Rediscover the games you enjoyed as a child.
APRIL Time away from a job or project helps clarify what you need. Start afresh on the 26th.
MAY You’re up against tough opposition, so choose your battles. Be around people who make you laugh.
JUNE A group of people dear to your heart help in ways you couldn’t have imagined. Let them support you.
JULY Be wary of running up debt to finance a trip or course. Find a wise way to raise funds.
AUGUST You might have to change plans suddenly. Run a money audit to reduce outgoings.
SEPTEMBER Throw yourself into a new job or project. And the great news is you receive backing, which sets you on the road to success!
OCTOBER Focus on healing yourself. A deep understanding of other people will transform lives.
NOVEMBER It starts with change on an inner level which quickly moves out into the world. You make quick progress.
DECEMBER Keep your thoughts to yourself. Don’t worry. Though – what you’ve been hoping for will materialise.

Secret to success
With a carefree attitude to life, you have a reputation as a devil-may-care sign. But when it comes to your professional life and what you want to achieve, you have ruthless attention to detail, always dotting all the ‘is’ and crossing all the ‘Ts’.

‘I am working hard & having fun!’

There are new avenues opening up to you in your personal life this year. Something to do with your family or domestic setup is likely to change. You have a lot of healing energy connected to your family and home life. It’s also a good time to study or travel and for ventures connected to the Internet.

1. A new group revolutionizes your thinking.
2. Focus on a long-term goal and prove your commitment.
3. Live by water to find a sense of peace.

Your relationships
There’s been trouble at home recently, and events will show where your love life is heading. Communication planet Mercury turns direct in your sign of Sagittarius, and you learn something that has a huge impact. It also suggests that your partner needs to prove you’re a priority.
New love
If a lover from your past gets in touch, it’ll spark your interest. Yet don’t do all the running. You go in head first when someone likes doesn’t make an effort to see you the spark could quickly fizzle out.
Career & money
Work’s low down on your list, and if you can rely on other people to take charge, you’re in luck, Money matters require your attention – act quick if cash is going out quicker then it comes in. The Full Moon on the 12th signals a chance to regain control.


JANUARY Tender words touch your soul. Open your heart to love, and make decisions based on kindness.
FEBRUARY Unexpected expenses crop up linked to your home or past. You’ll feel less fettered when you cut ties and move on.
MARCH Pressure from other people increases when you choose to walk your own path.
APRIL It’s not selfish to pursue what you really want in life. Lay down the ground rules now and learn to trust your instincts. Be brave and confident.
MAY Build strong foundations to keep you safe when you launch the rocket at your next major goal.
JUNE If a new work opportunity arises, don’t think twice. This is your time for an important upgrade, so say yes.
JULY When your life changes, it has a ripple effect on your close relationships. Decide what stays and what goes.
AUGUST If money’s causing you a headache, shift your perspective to view your situation more positively.
SEPTEMBER Book a holiday unless you’re on the move with work. Do the opposite of your usual routine.
OCTOBER Widen you social circle to make new friends – people who enrich your life, emotionally, mentally and intellectually.
NOVEMBER Your excavations into the past are complete. Learn from what you’ve discovered.
DECEMBER Keep quiet about your plans. It may be unnerving, but you’re ready to announce your new position in life.

Secret to Success
Powering through life, you’re one of the most ambitious signs.
But the real reason behind all your triumphs is your ability to compartmentalise your life. You know work is work, and fun is fun, and you have a good bit of both.

‘I’m facing my fears and getting rid of them’

In 2017, you’ll open you mind up to new ideas. You’re going to think outside the box. You’ll learn better ways to communicate in your personal and your professional life, too. You’re simply going to think differently in ways that’ll allow you to take quantum leaps. There’s also a new start linked to cash, and if you’re thinking about doing some kind of collaboration, it’s very well-starred!

1. It’s futile to resist change when it keeps knocking at your door.
2. Commit to a year of research or study.
3. It’s time to change your money mindset.

Your relationships
If you’ve become more introverted, take some time now to figure out why you’re not sharing everything with your partner. If you find it hard to be romantic, how can you show you care? Or maybe you just don’t anymore. Recognise what you want one way or the other.
New love
If someone’s knocked your confidence, it’ll affect how you feel about love. This could be testing if you’ve met someone you like, but you find it hard to say how you feel. There are no right or wrong ways to develop a relationship.
Career & money
The most important action you can take to benefit your career is to stop your personal life infringing on your professional goals. Lucky Jupiter is blessing your Career Sector, and it’s here where your life is in flow. Foreign links are most auspicious now.


JANUARY Listen to advice on money. Other peoples’ knowledge can help boost your funds.
FEBRUARY Drama unfolds on Valentine’s Day when someone close pushes for an ultimatum. Do what feels right.
MARCH It doesn’t matter what you say if someone suddenly goes quiet on you. Bide your time as things will go your way.
APRIL A trip down memory lane stirs up some memories. Make time for family, near and far, and put their needs first.
MAY You have a breakthrough with your ideas or way of thinking. Get together with like-minded people.
JUNE One foot is firmly anchored on the ground, but the rest of you wants to fly away. Go somewhere on holiday you haven’t been before.
JULY You’re not in the right job when your lifestyle makes you feel stressed.
AUGUST A relationship flounders when you choose to follow a personal dream. Decide where your priorities lie.
SEPTEMBER Too much change unsettles you. Look at ways of doing what you love, but from a strong base.
OCTOBER You’re about to undergo a change of status, perhaps a promotion or new job.
NOVEMBER A group venture brings fulfillment. But the time is coming when you need to move on.
DECEMBER Once you’ve got a handle on your future direction, you can then relax. Try to get away, even if only briefly.

Secret to Success
While other signs might fail and decide to try something else, you dig your heels in and refuse to quit.
Quite often, as a result, you succeed where others have fallen.

‘I’m learning something new every day…’

You can expect a major step forwards financially. Perhaps you have fewer outgoings draining your account, maybe it’s down to a pay rise, or you come up with some brilliant new way to earn cash. Whatever the case, there’s a lot of powerful energy in your celestial money box. Your love life is also up for renewal. If you and your partner have been at odds, start all over again.

1. An exciting class leads to a new vocation.
2. Respect must be mutual for love to flourish.
3. An adventure with friends is the highlight of the year.

Your relationship
You started the New Year with fabulous intentions, but these fade once love planet Venus leaves your sign on the 3rd. In fact, this month it’d be easy to spend more time alone than with each other. Once Mars enters your communication sector on the 28th, you can address what’s bothering you.
New love
There’s a hidden theme to love, whether you’re harbouring feelings for a friend or you’re having an affair. Events this year spring surprises when words are spoken in haste. Learn to respect yourself as any new love will quickly flounder if you don’t honour who you are.
Career & money
You want to treat yourself to lovely things when the planet of beauty Venus lights up your Money Sector from the 3rd. Yet more challenging planetary aspects demand you take a long-term view when it comes to your bank balance.


JANUARY Romance is in the air. Create special moments with your beloved.
FEBRUARY If you’re low in energy, listen to your body. Vital lifestyle changes are needed quickly.
MARCH You may be tempted to treat yourself when extra money comes in. Resist the urge and invest your cash wisely instead.
APRIL Love and romance that comes your way second time around is for keeps. You might not be aware of it yet, but your instincts will let you know.
MAY You need to get serious about job prospects and money goals. Keep your personal life away from work.
JUNE Stop fantasizing about what might be. Winning the lotto is one is 45 million, so pursue more practical more practical money-generating ideas.
JULY Stay away from someone who’s unreliable. You’ll only get thanklessly drawn in trying to help them.
AUGUST If someone lets you down, take time out. A better opportunity awaits.
SEPTEMBER Be honest if you are your own worst enemy with money. Turn to an expert for advice about how to manage your finances better.
OCTOBER Foreign connections bring a lucky opportunity. Don’t turn down invitation to travel or an invite to celebrate Christmas abroad.
NOVEMBER If you’ve been working hard, now the rewards come pouring in. Exciting new horizons beckon.
DECEMBER Time out is the answer, so plan a big trip or sabbatical. A new way of working challenges, but teamwork is the key.

Secret to Success
You might be a firebrand of a sign, but you know that overnight success is a Hollywood legend. Real achievements usually take time and effort.

‘Forget about the past, it’s a Pisces eclipse year!’

There’s a New Moon eclipse in your sign in late February, so all bets are off. Your life can change in amazing ways! In fact, opportunities come dancing down the road and throw themselves at you. This really is a year to cut ties with the past, and go in the direction you want your life to lead. At work in particular, big changes are possible.

1. Team up with the right organisation and success is yours.
2. Shake yourself out of a rut and set lifestyle goals .
3. Think like a rich person to increase your wealth.

Your relationship
Make the most of this and do something special together. The year is perfect for romantic gestures. Worries about work or future goals could disrupt your bliss, but for now soak up the love.
New love
If you’re looking for love, find someone who’s right for you. The planets are on your side as loving Venus enters Pisces and joins the planet that rules the love life, you’ll find out if a friend wants to take things further.
Career & money
You might not be in charge of your work or money destiny as you play a waiting game. Once communication planet Mercury turns direct in your Career Sector news about a job or contract is most telling. Join forces to boost finances once action planet Mars enters your Money Sector on the 28th.

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A Maverick Flyer - Humaima Malick

A Maverick Flyer - Humaima Malick

Catch this beauty ideal where she checks in frequently… to fly. And as she soars, ....

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Who ruled the Social Media in 2016

Who ruled the Social Media in 2016

No one can deny the power of social media. 2016 was the year....

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Alyy Khan

Alyy Khan

Your favourite getaway destination?...

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The after-effects of Aish-Ranbir chemistry in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

The after-effects of Aish-Ranbir chemistry in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Karan Johar’s latest romantic saga, it appears, has ruffled the feathers....

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Stork visits Bollywood – Congrats Saifeena!

Stork visits Bollywood – Congrats Saifeena!

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan welcomed their first child together....

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Mr. Olympia – 70 and fit

Mr. Olympia – 70 and fit

Arnold Schwarzenegger says he 'throws up' when he looks at his ....

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Ryan Reynolds wishes a houseful of daughters

Ryan Reynolds wishes a houseful of daughters

The 40-year-old star said during a recent interview that he 'can't ....

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