Lucifer: Season 5

  • 05 Sep - 11 Sep, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly

For four seasons, the Fox-turned-Netflix show has introduced a number of Lucifer Morningstar’s family members. All of them have had their fair share of issues with Lucifer and their own takes on God’s mysterious plans. The first eight episodes of season five, up the ante by introducing Lucifer’s twin brother, Michael, who arguably takes on more of the stereotypical characteristics of the devil we know. Michael’s meddlesome presence causes an enormous amount of conflict. Though his initial plans for Lucifer are thwarted, he soon comes up with another one. Michael's appearance on Earth sets the stage for God's eventual arrival later in the season. Plus, Tom Ellis does an outstanding job portraying both Lucifer and Michael, who are wildly different from each other. At the end of season four, Chloe reveals she loves Lucifer, and he reciprocates. However, Lucifer decides to go back to Hell to stop demons from running amok. The latest batch of episodes does finally give an answer to whether or not they’ll move forward into a couple. Lucifer season five is full to the brim with fantastic character development, getting meaty and thoughtful back stories to sink their teeth into. The series is even more stylish this season, managing to drop in a spectacular noir episode without detouring from the plot completely. The fifth season of Lucifer is grounded by episodic cases, but the series is no longer as concerned with wrapping them up completely. Instead, the cases come second to the characters, a refreshing change that balances each episode's overall pacing.