Sony opens registration to preorder PlayStation 5

Tech news

Sony has announced the latest step in its dragged out PlayStation 5 reveal, with the company opening online registration to possibly receive an invitation to be one of the first to pre-order the console directly from PlayStation. According to Sony’s announcement, there will be a “limited quantity of PS5 consoles available for pre-order” this holiday season; the invitation program is a chance for existing PlayStation customers to get their shot at being able to order the upcoming console. As Sony’s FAQ page notes, filling out the registration form does not guarantee an invite to be able to preorder the console, with invitations distributed based on “previous interests and PlayStation activities.” Each invitation will be open for a limited time, and has limits on just a single console preorder per PSN ID (along with two each of the new DualSense controllers and other accessories.) Consoles will also only be available while supplies last. The news is, of course, conspicuously absent of details like price or a release date, as Sony continues its excruciatingly slow game of cat-and-mouse with Microsoft over who will blink and announce an actual cost for its next-gen console first.

Canon cameras can now automatically upload pictures to Google Photos

Google is making it easier to move images from your camera to Google Photos. Owners of recent Canon cameras can now automatically upload photos and videos to the popular photo management platform by wirelessly slinging them via your phone. This auto-backup to Google Photos feature works with both the iOS and Android versions of the app, but you’ve got to make sure your camera is compatible. If it is, just make sure you’ve got the latest app update installed and you’ll see the new option for transferring photos to Google Photos. After activating the new feature in Canon’s app, future photos and videos will be sent automatically to Google’s photo storage platform. All images are synced to Google Photos at their original quality. Users also have the option of automatically transferring their images and videos to other places, such as Google Drive or YouTube (for uploaded videos), and now Google Photos has been added to that list. Google is offering Canon customers a one-month trial to Google One (with 100GB of storage) to help ease them into the service. Once the trial is up, Google One plans start at $2 per month for 100GB of storage.