I've always advocated Freedom of speech, but this is a deliberate attempt to hurt the feelings of Muslims and fuel Islamophobia. Cannot understand what they hope to achieve by this other than being provocative! Totally unacceptable – our Government has to react!

Mehwish Hayat lashes out and strongly condemns the decision by the French magazine, Charlie Hebdo, to re-publish deeply offensive caricature of our Holy Prophet (PBUH). She affirmed that this is not freedom of speech; rather the disrespectful act is just to hurt the sentiments of Muslims.

Incredible visuals from the final of the Mountain Girls Premier League played in #Gulmit. Kudos to the local community for not only empowering these young women but also for supporting and celebrating their passion for football!

Aima Baig applauds local community for supporting the female football players who participated in the Mountain Girls Premier League held in Gulmit. It’s great to see such tournaments taking place and well supported by the local community.

Why has Karachi always been mistreated, ignored, caught between politics and left to fend for herself. When will this magnificent city thrive again?

Sanam Saeed shows her utter disappointment on the negligence that Karachi has faced since years. The city of lights has been left alone in despair, after all the destruction caused due to recent rain.