I’ve been trying to search for jobs abroad. What is the best way to search for a job out-of-state?

There are several online portals available to look and apply for jobs abroad. The best way is to check different organisation’s websites and directly apply from there. Please keep in mind the current situation and don’t feel hopeless.

I’ve recently been offered two jobs at different companies. I am worried about making the wrong choice. How can I be sure about a company before I accept an offer?

There is no right or wrong decision in this. You should write the pros and cons of joining both the companies and then join the company that has more pros.

How do I answer the expected salary questions when they come up in the interview? I feel really weird answering them for some reason.

It is your right to be paid for the work that you do. So when you’re asked about the expected salary, there should be no shame in asking.

Recently I’ve been loaded with work and I want that load to be eased a bit. How can I ask for a less challenging role at work? I don’t want to look like I'm not motivated or committed to our team or our work. Any advice?

Work load can be overwhelming, you can try being more organised and work from home a little on weekends or maybe wake up early and squeeze in an extra hour of work. You could also speak to your boss and ask him to hire someone to help you out.

I’m a mom looking for a flexible schedule, maybe working at home. Are all work at home options scams or are there any legitimate work at home jobs?

There are plenty of mothers working from home, especially now due to Covid 19. Not all work from home jobs are scams. Look into what you enjoy doing the most and then start looking for opportunities in that field that will allow you to work from home. •