A tart, at times devastating collection from the blockbuster name behind The Girls, Emma Cline's latest novel features the dark sides of life that come together as portraits of young women seeking liberation, and of older men doing wrong.

When No One Is Watching

Combining the voyeuristic paranoia of Rear Window with the searing social commentary of Get Out, this thriller from Alyssa Cole turns gentrification into fodder for a horror movie. Brooklyn born and raised, Sydney Green is perturbed by her rapidly changing neighbourhood. But when she teams up with new neighbour Theo to dig deeper, will they find something far more sinister afoot?

Homeland Elegies

As elastic in shape as it is dazzling in execution, Ayad Akhtar's searing work of auto fiction features essayistic asides on national politics and economics, a deeply felt family portrait, and the creation of a Donald Trump character who only enhances this deeply personal examination of the American dream.