Fall Hairstyles

Here’s what you should do with your hair this fall
  • 12 Sep - 18 Sep, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Beauty

You've spent the summer getting your hair messy at the beach, soaking it in chlorine-filled pools, and throwing it in sweaty updos. Now it's time to show it some love. Fall's less humid temperatures means you can finally let your hair down and shine, and what better way than to debut a new look? Read on for what new hair looks will be trending this fall.

Retro Glam

Timeless and chic, this style is going to explode in the fall. We love how glossy and detailed this trend is. We suggest trying the Old Hollywood-style waves with some hair accessories.

To get the look, start with a deep side part and blowdry the hair, then use a setting spray on each section – our pick is the Kerastase Laque Dentelle Spray. Next, use a 3/4 inch curling iron and wrap hair around while twisting it. This will give you the slight S-wave shape that makes it feel more retro. Pin the indent of your wave down with flat clips to accentuate them even more. Finally, brush the style out and tease if needed, finish it off with a hairspray for shine.

Blunt Bob

This is truly the best and fiercest haircut to make a statement post summer and pre-fall. It also feels so good to get all of those summertime dead ends off your head.

Consult with a trusted hairstylist on what bob length will work best for your facial structure and hair texture. Also, keep in mind that going shorter doesn’t necessarily mean more maintenance. It actually should mean less work and effort. With resurgence of hair accessories, bobs have now become one of the most versatile styles.

Pixies & Buzzcuts

What's more effortless than cutting all of your hair off? Throughout quarantine, celebs like Ruby Rose have opted for a truly minimal haircare routine by giving themselves DIY buzzcuts.

It’s a super cool, confident, no BS, badass look. We absolutely love super short hair on women.

If you want to keep a bit of length on top, go with a short, choppy pixie like Zoe Kravtiz's signature look. Tousling your hair with your fingers will give you a bit of texture, but you can also run a bit of pomade through it to get a piecey finish. We recommend using a gel, which is designed for textured hair, but holds styles on all hair types.

Low Ponytail

We love how chic, sophisticated, and pretty this look is. Have fun with it by keeping it sleek or creating a fluffy, textured tail.

Styling products are key – we suggest using a blowout lotion to smooth out roots, then blowing them back with a large round brush. Gather your hair about half an inch above your neck’s hairline and create a pony. If you have super thick hair, use a bungee elastic with hooks on the ends. Take a small section of hair and wrap it around the elastic and secure it with a pin.

Face-framing Tendrils

No need to try to perfect a sleek and severe hairstyle, this year is almost lived-in, effortless hair. To recreate this look, pull a few strands around your face free after styling your hair.

Blood Orange Red

Red always has a moment in the fall, and fall 2019 (and 2020) is no different. We recommend coppery colours to match the changing leaves, but bright and rich deep oranges are also a fun option.

One Length

Long, one-length cuts will be in because there is virtually no maintenance required and this look is super easy to style.

Since the cut's defining factor is leaving out layers, it works across all hair types and textures. The styling options are virtually endless, too. Wear a longer one-length cut down like Sophie Turner or pull it up into a high ponytail or bun. Use a cloth-covered scrunchie to prevent pulling and breakage.

Twisted Bun

With a little effort and creativity you can make the basic bun look not so basic. We love how you can create any shape and size. These buns typically get tons of attention.

To get the look, use an elastic bungee to secure your ponytail in place. For added shine, use hair oil in your tail. Grab sections of hair and twist them onto themselves and secure them with hair pins. Use a strong hold hairspray to keep hair in place.

Voluminous Mid-length Hair

This is one of our favourite trends for fall. This texture speaks volumes (no pun intended) and works best with extensions to give you that extra lift you’ve been praying for.

A texturising spray is your best friend. Use it after blow drying from mid shaft to ends while flipping your hair over. Once you flip it back, spray a dry volume spray on your roots to blow then up like a balloon.

Crimped Hair

Whoever said crimps would never come back was so wrong! A big hit on the runways, this look is editorial, edgy, and carefree.

We suggest using a crimper and taking the iron to one-inch sections of hair for a second, then working your way down. There's also a tool-free way to do this: You can create three-strand braids all over your head and flat iron them. Once removed, you’ll see a softer crimped wave. Finish with a texturising spray.