It has Pockets!

  • 19 Sep - 25 Sep, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Fashion

There's one special sartorial add-on that often makes the difference between a look we love and a look we'd love to be buried in: pockets. Maybe it's because pockets remind us of a casual basic, like a pair of Levi's or a favourite old varsity jacket. Their functional existence almost goes against the tucking, adjusting, and primping that formal dressing can sometimes call for. Plus, pockets are the cure-all for anyone who never knows what to do with their hands when being photographed. Yes, pockets are friends to polished posers and awkward anglers alike.

These women ahead get it. Keep one hand in your pocket, and the other one can click through to see what we mean.

1. This number is an obvious kind of pretty, but with added side pockets it's also unexpectedly pragmatic.

2. Trying to stay on top of the pockets trend? Reinvent jackets and coats from office wear to things you actually want to wear with your casual looks.

3. We were so distracted by this paisley print dress on Emily Blunt that we almost didn't notice that her hands had gone into hibernation.

4. This black gown with sheer accents and mesh embroidered pockets blew us away. Wonder what she could be hiding in those pockets?

5. This no-fuss dress is so easy to style. Pair it with sneakers and funky accessories, put one hand in your pocket and the other hanging freely and you’re good to go!

6. It’s always easy to make a dramatic entrance with the right dress. Just don’t forget to tuck your hands in your pockets.

7. There is nothing we love more than ruffles. But the best part about this dress is not the ruffles, but the hidden pockets – pockets which can hide snack secrets.