Shaan Shahid

#Zarrar the film, is a salute to the defenders and martyrs of Pakistan. They fight to protect the motherland from threats inside and outside. #PakistanZindabad

Asim Azhar

I’d love to become the first Pakistani artist to collaboration with BTS! Crossing cultures is always beautiful. K-pop is an example of that and also, amazing edit!

Mehwish Hayat TI

How come in Singapore women are safe to walk home alone even at 4am? Why can’t we have the same sense of security here? Are we living in a civilised society or a jungle? Scream all you want about #PublicHangingOfRapists -nothing will happen till the mindset changes! #motorwayincident


One can discover new oceans only if they have the courage to lose sight of the shore! Although, this is a lake but you know what I mean! #TravelPakistan #Skardu

Osman Khalid Butt

'Learn self-defense not just against one, but multiple assailants. Become a fucking vigilante. Don't go out without a mehram, because otherwise the worst-case scenario is the likely scenario and that too at night? Rape is bad, #hangtherapists, but also, what were you thinking?'