It was heartening to see that STEDA decided that now there will b no age restriction on any student who want to pursue B.Ed. This is a big shift from the age limit of 28 years which was in effect earlier. It is a great effort to encourage students to become teachers.

Shehzad Roy praises Sindh Teacher Education Development Authority’s (STEDA) decision to lift the previous age limit of 28 years on students who want to pursue Bachelors in Education.

It's impossible for me to express how much I love these two angels and how far I'm willing to go for their future. They give me strength I need to face my biggest fights and jump over my biggest obstacles. They are always my first priority.

Ayeza Khan gushes over how important her children are to her. The fact that she puts nothing above her children proves that not only she’s an asset to the industry but also is a caring mother at the same time.

Despite 100’s of children, men and women being raped almost every day, our officials still think it’s the victim’s fault? For how long do we plan to keep this ‘victim blaming’ mentality instead of catching and sentencing the culprits in order to set an example for anyone who dares to perform such a heinous act rather than preaching to people, especially women, to stay at home. Such senseless and incompetent people don’t deserve to serve and protect our country. I hope and pray that justice is served ASAP instead of conveniently advising out of ‘concern’.

Hareem Farooq lashes out on Lahore CCPO’s statement that held the victim of making the mistake. This victim blaming mentality has to be changed by the masses. Sentencing the culprits is the ultimate need of the hour.