I’ve noticed recommendations for cold water a couple of times recently. Is there a difference between room temperature and cold water as far as how the body uses it?

No, there's no difference. It's just water. These are just myths.

I am a diabetic and weigh 130 pounds. I am 5 foot 6 inches and would like to start dieting. I currently eat 900 calories a day (approximately) and exercise lightly three times a week. I would like to go down to 115 – 120 pounds. Any tips or suggestions?

You are eating too less. Please consult a Registered Dietitian for a complete diet plan. They will make sure that your sugar levels also stay in the normal range and you lose weight as well.

I recently gave birth to a healthy baby boy. I want to know how can I improve my ability to nurse my newborn?

Eat! Honestly, eat. Take care of yourself and your diet. Don't focus on crash diets. Take balanced meals.

My dad is a healthy 76-year old man. He eats well, and exercises a lot. He keeps himself hydrated. But he gets leg cramps at night that are very painful. I am thinking maybe he should be taking calcium-magnesium-potassium.
What amount would you recommend?

He needs to take 1200mg/day. But before that, get his tests done. Check if he's actually deficient or not. •