19 September, 2010 – Oil rig deepwater horizon was declared sealed after a five-month long spill in the Gulf of Mexico

Thought to be one of the biggest accidents in the oil and gas industry, the Deepwater Horizon spill began on April 20, 2010, when an explosion destroyed the rig and killed 11 people.

20 September, 1984 – The Cosby Show aired for the first time

The popular television sitcom followed the lives of an African-American family. The show ran for eight years on NBC and was largely based on the stand up comedy of Bill Cosby.

21 September, 1964 – Malta gained its independence from the UK

The southern European island country came under British control in 1814 as part of the Treaty of Paris. The country declared itself a republic on December 13, 1974.

22 September, 1869 – Richard Wagner's opera Das Rheingold was heard for the first time

The first of four musical works of art that constitute Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen, Das Rheingold was played at the National Theatre in Munich.

23 September, 1889 – Nintendo was founded

The Japanese gaming company was created by entrepreneur Fusajiro Yamauchi as a card company called Nintendo Koppai. The company originally produced and sold playing cards.

24 September, 1948 – Honda Motor Company was founded by Soichiro Honda

The automobile manufacturer is also the world's largest producer of motorcycles.

25 September, 1977 – Runners run the first Chicago Marathon

One of the world's six major marathons, the Chicago Marathon was initially called the Mayor Daley Marathon. The first race was won by Rhud Metzner.