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  • 19 Sep - 25 Sep, 2020
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It’s 2020 and while we may not have hoverboards yet we do have foundation shades catering to every skin tone. No longer do women of colour need to walk around with their face and body two completely different shades. While the rest of the world has removed the stigma of only fair skin is beautiful, in Pakistan however, this concept is still gaining momentum, so dark skin beauties are left with little or no options when it comes to figuring out makeup looks to match their complexion. Luckily there are a few who are embracing their dusky skin, in turn giving other dusky skin toned girls out there some major makeup goals. Hima Raza is just one such celebrity MUA, blogger and beauty trainer.

While there are options when it comes to foundations, many dusky skin tone women are confused about the rest of their face makeup. So, we collaborated with Hima to get her expertise on that perfect makeup look for anyone with a dusky skin tone.

Here, Hima has gone for a dusky red look. She describes her look as: “A combination of dusty brown and reddish tones perfect to complement dark complexion.” So if you have a dusky skin, take notes from Hima’s step-by-step makeup guide and embrace your skin tone with the help of this gorgeous look.

Step 1: Apply foundation

Most women match their foundation to lighter parts of their body, such as the inside of their wrist, the upper part of the neck, or worse, the actual face. Since all these parts are different in colour from the parts of your body which get the sun and are visible to someone in front of you, how does it make sense to get a foundation to match the skin there?

Take a cue from Hima and get a foundation that matches your chest, so that when someone looks at your face it doesn’t look like someone else’s head on your body. “For a soft base that matches my skin tone perfectly, I have used Masarrat Misbah Silk Foundation in the shade Beige,” says Hima.

Step 2: Dab on concealer

Concealer is an indispensable element of your makeup bag. A few swipes of it on all the right places (like your blemishes, uneven spots, and dark under-eye circles) are enough to give you a flawless, radiant, and even-toned base.

“To mask dark circles and other small blemishes visible on the skin, I have used Loreal Infallible Concealer.”

Step 3: Perk up your peepers

Eyeshadows with dusty brown and reddish tones are feared by many because they are considered too edgy by most, while others worry it’ll give the eyes a bloodshot look. But, for those with dusky or dark skin, reddish eye makeup is one of the most flattering things. This is because, unlike the pale redness in Caucasian skin, red eye makeup sits beautifully against the golden and olive undertones common in brown skin.

To create a reddish eyeshadow, Hima has used “Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills.” And to add volume to her lashes she used Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara.

Step 4: Blush away!

Blush might not top the list of no-excuses, must-have makeup products for everyone, but if we're being completely honest, it's the one makeup staple that when done right, completely boosts even the simplest looks. The thing is, though, for darker skin, it can be tricky finding a blush shade that doesn't leave your cheeks looking ashy.

Hima here has used a blush to create a warm, natural-looking flush on her skin. “To add a flush of colour to my cheeks, I have used The Balm How ‘Bout Them Apples?”

Step 5: Craft a dewy highlighter

A lot of us have grown up seeing people trying to mask their dark skin with pink and white compacts, among other things. Well, believe us when we say that moisturising your skin and giving it an all-over glow with illuminators gives a much more natural and bright (not white) look.

“To finesse a natural glow, I have used Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palette,” says Hima.

Step 6: Seal it with a kiss

Dark colours can be pretty intimidating but, as demonstrated by Hima, they look beautiful on the lips.

“To add colour and texture to my lips, I have used Huda Beauty Power Bullet Matte Lipstick Rendez-Vous,” says Hima. This is a strong brick pink shade and is classic and glamorous, proving it’s the one dark lipstick every dusky girl should have.

Step 7: Finish off with setting spray

When you’ve taken the time to apply your makeup perfectly, you want it to last. Whether you’re heading out to a 10-hour workday or a night of dancing, your makeup’s durability will be put to the test. Beauty gurus and makeup artists preach the importance of primers, but setting sprays can be just as helpful and important. Applied on top of your makeup, these sprays help keep everything in place. Best of all, these setting sprays are simple to use, so it won’t be a hassle to add this product to your beauty routine.

“To keep my makeup in place and last longer without budging, I have used Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray.”