Asim Abbasi faces plagiarism issues for Churails

In movies and TV shows, ideas are key. The capability of a scriptwriter to create a world that the directors and producers then make into a reality is the backbone of the film and drama industry. From fantasy to comedy, drama to horror, every movie that we watch is dependent on how intricately made it is. However, there are times when ideas occur simultaneously. It’s not uncommon to find certain movies being similar, from plots to how it is portrayed, many issues have arisen. Recently, Asim Abbasi’s critically acclaimed web series, Churails, was accused by a Twitter user of plagiarising an opening sequence of the show from French illustrator Malika Favre's artwork. After staying silent on the issue for a month, Abbasi finally came out to clear the air and said that they reached out to Malika to rectify the situation. He further added that, “Due to an oversight by the production house, the animation studio was provided the said artwork and given the authorisation to use it.” Abbasi also apologised for this error and said, “I strongly believe that the rights of all artists must be protected and upheld at all times and would like to personally apologise for this oversight.”