Rabia Noman comes out in support of Noman Ijaz’s viral video

Recently, a video of the veteran actor was doing the rounds on social media. In the video, while speaking to Iffat Omar during an interview, Noman Ijaz openly admitted cheating on his wife and never been able to get caught. However, Ijaz was severely bashed for his derogatory remarks on infidelity. To clear her husband’s name, Rabia Noman came out in support of him and shared a screenshot on her Instagram story which read that, “I watched the full interview. This is taken out of context. It seemed to be a sarcastic response to a ridiculous question. I had the pleasant surprise of meeting Mr Nauman, with his beautiful wife and eldest son, for the opening of the movie, Cake. My mother and I were nobody important at this event. Mr Nauman took the time to engage in a conversation with us and, introduced his family to us. He seemed to be an intelligent, sincere and humble person. He is a great actor who will overcome this trivial nonsense.”