Nida Yasir lands herself in hot waters yet again

2020 has undoubtedly been an action-packed year for the whole world, despite the normal life going into snooze mode. Apart from the visible impact made by some celebrities, others hugged the headlines for the wrong reasons. One such celebrity is Nida Yasir. We often find the Good Morning Pakistan host entangled in one controversy or another. But her most recent one has caused uproar among the masses. She landed herself in a controversy after bringing up the horrific incident of five year old Marwah's abduction, rape and murder, on her morning show, that too with the victim's parents. Social media was angered to see such an insensitive and unprofessional behaviour on her part. Twitterati even demanded her show to be banned. One user wrote, “PEMRA should ban this morning show by Nida Yasir. They can stoop to any level for sake of TRPs. Despite being cognisant of each and every minute detail, she invited n asked parents of a girl who was sexually abused and murdered to reminisce every bit of the incident.” After receiving continuous backlash, Yasir took to her social media and shared an apology video captioned as, “Plz forgive me.”