Man falls to his death from the StarFlyer in Orlando, known as the 'World's Tallest Swing Ride'

  • 26 Sep - 02 Oct, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly
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A worker in Florida has died after plunging hundreds of feet off the state's tallest tourist attraction, the StarFlyer in Orlando. Jacob David Kaminsky, 21, was working on the attraction one morning, conducting a routine safety check when he fell off the tower all the way to the bottom platform. Kaminsky reportedly fell when he was about 200 feet up the ride's tower shortly before 8 a.m. John Stine, Director of Marketing and Sales for the StarFlyer, told the outlet that Kaminsky's tragic and sudden death came as a "shock." "It’s a shock and we’re saddened by it," Stine said. "Anytime there is an injury or something of this nature, it’s extremely sad." Climbing 450 feet into the air, the StarFlyer, which opened in 2018, boasts to be the "world’s tallest swing ride," according to its website. The ride moves up and down for about three to four minutes in addition to rotating around the tower at up to 45 miles per hour as riders are strapped in with a harness. "No other attraction combines safety and thrills like the StarFlyer," the attraction's website says. The ride, located in Orlando's ICON Park, has been closed until further notice. "At this time, the ride will remain closed while all this investigation continues," Stine told the outlet.