Colour, couture and charisma

Couture weeks are usually brimming with a flurry of garments – crafted with extravagant embroidery and one-of-a-kind embellishments. However, this season, couture’s collective reaction to the pandemic has been a rather pared-down approach. Most designers have recontextualised their design process by scaling down their collections, toned down the excess and focused on creating timeless pieces, while staying true to their brand ethos and signature styles. Hence, 2020 will witness an array of edited offerings comprising investment-worthy, seasonless pieces.

Off white is the latest colour trend sweeping the runways and designer shoots. Off white has been called the “it” colour of the season. It’s new, different and fresh and offers more fluidity when it comes to wearing it, much more than when it comes to wearing plain white. If you want to get on top of the trend, go for a head to toe off white outfit with delicate embroidery work.

Summer brings with it the desire for colour, especially bright and fresh shades; even total black lovers sometimes leave black in favour of softer and brighter shades. The coolest palette of the moment is undoubtedly the one of pastel colours, from mint green to lilac, passing through nude shades, up to pale pink and soft yellow. This summer, get ready to play with the delicate and bright colours of this lovely palette.

Pale pink and pastel green have been our absolute favourites from this palette. Intricately embroidered pieces with lacework and embellished bunches in these fine hues are perfect for warm summer evenings.

But not all colours are ideal when it comes to dressing up for the summer heat. Classic shades of white are the go-to shades, but cool aqua green is a gorgeous colour for summer dressing. Fashion experts believe this colour looks extremely appealing in the heat. This cool, refreshing shade of green is set to trump tired trends for pistachio and lime green for spring colours. Our top tip? Invest in this cool hue as soon as possible, to get the most wear out of it.

And while designers have gone for a more pared-down approach with their couture collections this season, they have gone all out with the jewelry trends. Big chunky necklaces, stoned rings, pearls, every piece is extravagant, colourful, and truly over-the-top.

• Makeup: Umer Aziz
• Designer: Carmin
• Coordination: Thomas Fernandes
• Photography: Daud Malik
• Model: Zooni Shiekh