Feroze Khan

Huge shout out to the SP Dolphin Police Rashid Hadayat Lahore! 214 responding to 15 well done!! We need more people like you.

Nadia Jamil

Epic Games awards Pakistan's 3D animation studios a mega grant .Congratulations to Uzair and his amazing team!


LMAO!!! I’m sorry but this is beyond sad. I must be so important hence so many are triggered that I won’t go meet a Turk actor at the airport lol. And I actually made the news for it too. Wow! Guys there are better things to report on honestly.

Ali Zafar

It has become a common norm for artists, actors, producers’ even journalists and various other employees to chase their pending salaries/payments for months as if they were asking a favour. This culture needs to end. There should be a law which binds for timely payments.

Mira Sethi

Rachel Cusk’s Outline is extraordinary. It feels kind of nice to have come to it so late, as I was browsing, and now to be privately riveted, again and again, as I read in bed - such a joy