There are human rights and rights of the minorities. We pass laws promising the transgender community same rights as other citizens. We need to denounce age old perceptions instead of targeting this marginalised community. They have the right to live with dignity as any of us. #justiceforgulpanra

Adnan Siddiqui raised his concerns towards targeting the transgender community in the country. He pronounced that they have an equal right to live with dignity as any other human being and should be treated equally.

Polio remains endemic in only two countries across the globe - #Pakistan and #Afghanistan. As #PakFightsPolio, support the GoP's five-day nationwide campaign towards polio eradication because #VaccinesWork and the time to act is now!

Iqra Aziz raised her voice and urged everyone to support the government of Pakistan’s initiative to eradicate polio from the country for a polio-free future for our generations to come.

#Covid_19 is nature sending us a message. In fact, it reads like SOS signal for the human enterprise, bringing into sharp focus the need to live within the planet’s means. Heed now before it is too late!

Aima Baig shared that the Covid has impacted the human interaction and the overall habitat of the planet in general. And it should be dealt with utmost attention.