Is it illegal to straight out lie and say I do not have a disability on job applications? All of them online seem to have voluntary disclosure info and I’d rather just say I don't because I can do the job without any accommodation needed.

It’s always better to declare your disability. This will give the employer some closure to your health situation and tackle your work needs accordingly. In case of lying, if you’re caught later you can be asked to leave as it’s a breach of trust.

I am going to finish my Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering this year. I started my Master Studies in October 2015 and I had to face a cancer disease the same month. Nevertheless, I did not want to give up but continued my studies (by taking a few classes instead of the full program). Unfortunately, I had to face cancer at the beginning of 2017 again. Therefore there is a long gap in my master studies. I am good now, doing fine and being healthy. But I am insecure about how to put this gap into my CV and how I could explain it the best way as I want to look for jobs right now.

It’s always good to be honest. Talk about your health and how it affected your studies. You can mention this in your cover letter explaining to the employer how you and your studies suffered and yet you are very determined to give your best at the work place.

I want to work for the poor, for animals, for the environment. I’m preparing to go for an MBA in marketing next as I feel marketing is the best way to kick-start a company. Is it the right decision?

If you want to start an NGO then you should be studying something related to public health or philanthropy. MBA is for business and helping the underprivileged isn’t a business, it’s a responsibility.

I want to pursue a career in archeology. What is the future scope and career opportunities in the field of archaeology in Pakistan?

Archeology is generally the study of the past. It is about discoveries and trends. You can benefit by working for the government and doing in-depth analysis of different past policies. •