• 03 Oct - 09 Oct, 2020
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These lip-saving formulas have stood the test of time

No matter how pared down your beauty routine may be, you’ll always have a spot for lip balm in your lineup. While you may have a stockpile of them scattered throughout your home and in various bags, the right lip treatment can make all the difference when it comes to healing chapped, dry skin. Here, find the 15 hero lip balms for your perfect lip care.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

PSA: Your lips deserve the same TLC you give to your face. This lip mask has spoiled my lips since the moment we met, and we have no plans on letting it go anytime soon. If you have naturally dry skin, you'll appreciate this fast-absorbing formula filled with antioxidants and vitamin C. The ingredient combo will sink right into your lips, providing you with long-lasting hydration and subtle shine. Even better? You don't only have to wear it overnight. In fact, we keep our on our desk for when we want to treat our lips to a midday spa session.

Rouge Hermes Lip Care Balm

If there is any time to treat yourself, it’s when your lips are on the brink of cracking. Hermes’s coveted lip balm is equal parts luxe and effective. It even lives in a chic, refillable gold tube.

Agave+ Daytime Vegan Lip Balm

This vegan agave-based balm melts right into lips, and the creamy, soft texture stays on for hours without leaving a waxy residue.

Dior Lip Glow Colour Reviver Balm

It's no secret that we’re obsessed with this balm. It's not too shiny or sticky, it doesn't smell like cupcakes and 2003, and it doesn't give you that gunky white line around your lips after a few hours. And, most importantly, it leaves your lips with the prettiest glow that sticks around through lunch (and second lunch).

Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturising Lip Balm

An iconic name and an even more iconic formula, Baby Lips is the drugstore lip balm you can find in an overwhelming majority of our handbags.

Clarins Lip Comfort Oil

Yes, this is technically an oil. But its ultra-lightweight feel and plant oil-infused formula earn it a spot on the list. Wear the treatment alone or atop lipstick for a conditioning blast of shine.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Sunscreen

Once upon a time, a lip stain and a lip gloss fell in love, got married, and created this baby tinted balm. The stain-gloss formula is perfectly hydrating, not at all sticky, and comes in 12 bright shades – ranging from pale rose to deep wine – that are so sheer and pretty, they'll look good on every skin tone.

Neutrogena MoistureShine Lip Soother Cooling Hydragel

You use sunscreen on your face, so why shouldn’t your lips get an SPF-treatment as well? Neutrogena’s tinted glaze provides a cooling sensation upon application, thanks to cucumber, chamomile, and glycerin, while protecting your delicate lips from the sun.

Tatcha The Kissu Lip Mask

You know that feeling when your lips have had it and your left with irritable, inflamed, cracky lips? Same – we've all been there. This jelly mask will literally be your lip's lifesaver because it's made of Japanese peach, which is known to soften, repair, and calm inflammation. Not to mention, the Japanese camellia oil uses omegas and vitamins to seal moisture.

Grown Alchemist Lip Balm Antioxidant Complex

It's one thing for your lips to feel moisturised; it's another for them to feel deeply nourished. Grown Alchemist ticks both of those boxes. You can tell this balm is the bomb because you can actually feel the moisture lingering on your lips for hours. That's because it's made with essential fatty acids, vitamins, rotenoids, and antoixdiants, which work overtime to keep your lips supple and hydrated.

Too Faced Hangover Pillow Balm Ultra-Hydrating Lip Treatment

It's not that hard to ask: You want plump and voluminous lips without the scary, stinging side effect most lip plumpers come with. Enter Too Faced's latest lip treatment, which uses a plumping hyaluronic acid for a velvety smooth boost. A trick: apply this an hour before lipstick, let it soak in and marinate, then check out the fullness of your lips. It's truly mind-blowing.

Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm

We mean, we can't not include this magical, amazing, cult-favourite lip balm, because it's the only formula we want to be buried with. The formula is incredibly simple: A mix of coconut, lanolin, peppermint, and sunflower oils, plus a bit of beeswax, all working together to moisturise and protect your lips without a ton of fragrance or flavour.

Dinoplatz Lip Balm

Don't let the whimsical packaging fool you – this tinted lip balm has serious benefits. It wards off chapped lips with nourishing evening primrose oil, while leaving behind a subtle rosy shine thanks to its argan oil base. Layer it over nude lips or matte lipstick for added depth and moisture.

Glossier Balm Dotcom

We know the immediate draw of Glossier products is the Instagrammable packaging, but this thick salve is worth more than a photo. It's formulated with castor seed oil, beeswax, and lanolin that make it easily spreadable, so you can use it everywhere – across your cracked lips, over your ashy elbows, or even along your cheekbones for a natural highlight.