James Corden addresses rumours of replacing Ellen DeGeneres

After reports surfaced this summer that the late-night host, would be replacing the talk show star, Corden addressed the claims for the first time during the latest episode of The Late Show with Alicia Keys. "Genuinely, I have no idea where that even came from," he admitted. "I think somebody started a rumour somewhere. There is absolutely no truth in that story at all. As far as considering it, I think it would be a really crazy thing to take over from someone who I think has done the job so outrageously well for, like, 18 years. It's not true." Earlier this week, DeGeneres returned to the show following a summer break, which was plagued by scandal. During the season 18 premiere, she addressed allegations of a "toxic" work environment and apologised "to the people who were affected." The topic of DeGeneres and her show came up during a game of "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts." However, she wasn't the only celebrity Keys and Corden discussed during the game.