Galaxy S20 FE, Samsung’s super chic ‘low-priced’ phone addition is here

Samsung's Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and S20 Ultra might be packed to the hilt with the latest, greatest tech, but they also come with sky-high prices to match. That makes them a tricky sell at a time when purse strings are tightening. The Galaxy S20 FE aims to offer much of what you'll find in the company's top-end phones but with a few tweaks here and there in order to keep the price down. That price is $700 – that's a significant price drop, given that the 5G Galaxy Note 20 Ultra retails for $1,300. The price might be more affordable, but the key specs don't seem to have suffered all that much. There's a 6.5-inch, 2,400 x 1,080-pixel super AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate for smooth scrolling and a lightning-fast Snapdragon 865 processor. There's a triple camera setup on the back, although the resolutions are lower and it lacks high-end features. Physically, it looks much the same as the rest of the S20 series. It is available for preorder globally. This phone isn't a revolution in mobile technology, but that's not what Samsung needs to do right now. What it should be doing is offering a solid all-round experience at a more attractive price, which on paper at least is exactly what the S20 FE provides.