Walk-in wardrobe

We’ve been in love with walk-in wardrobes since Carrie Bradshaw opened hers to the world in Sex and The City. Now, making space for one in your own home could be easier than you think. Keep reading for the perfect walk-in closet ideas and inspiration.

Three-paneled mirrors are popular in dressing rooms for a reason – you get to see your outfit from every angle.

Aside from helping you stay organised, storage baskets will tuck away anything unsightly.

If your walk-in closet is long, narrow, and windowless, introduce warmth with a runner that features a fun pattern.

A comfortable place to sit while you get ready, instantly makes a closet feel more luxe.

Hang some artwork and make a mini gallery wall to polish things off.

Keep your favourite jewelry in order with a stylish and functional wall mounted hanging jewelry organiser.