Adnan Siddiqui

Experts warn of a possible 2nd wave to hit us ahead of winters. #Challenging times ahead. We overcame it together last time. We must not lose focus now. Mask up stay safe

Rabab Hashim

Waking up each day with something to condemn, protest against or with losses to mourn. And yet nothing is being done. This is just outrageous.


On 5th Oct 2020: Made in Pakistan Super Mushshak made the highest recorded altitude flight ever of 18,500 ft. The chief test pilot of Pakistan Aeronautical complex Kamra flew this mission using external oxygen.

Ushna Shah

The dance isn’t vulgar, she’s fully clothed. Is there something I'm missing? Why isn’t anyone talking about the more important issue: we don’t have enough Gluten-Free variety in cookies?

Sami Khan

Sending loads of love to all of you for loving the first episode of Dulhan and making it trend at number one on YouTube.