Celebrities speak up about mental health on World Mental Health Day


While once taboo, discussions on mental health are slowly becoming louder, they’re still not loud enough. With number of people experiencing mental health issues is rapidly increasing, it’s vital, now more than ever, that we amplify the dialogue surrounding these illnesses. Each year on October 10, we honour World Mental Health Day in an effort to raise awareness on various psychological and emotional issues across the globe and mobilise efforts in support of suicide prevention. This year, several celebrities are spreading messages in support of the cause, making strides towards reversing the stigma of silence on these issues. The Meray Paas Tum Ho actor, Adnan Siddiqui, took to his social media smashing the stigma around mental health and wrote, “#WorldMentalHealthDay2020 It’s okay to feel low, it’s okay to breakdown sometimes. This year’s been tough for all of us. Let’s be gentle to everyone. Let’s lift each other up!” While Urwa Hocane advised people to educate each other and wrote, “Today is World Mental Health Day. Let’s educate ourselves and others about mental health and it’s high time that we work against the social stigma attached to it! Wishing mental health and wellness on you all!”