Tough on germs, soft on hands!


“Everyone's hands are drier than ever before as we flock to sinks every 15 minutes in an effort to combat the transfer of COVID-19. On the upside, this is one of the CDC's top recommendations for combatting the virus. On the downside, the constant hand-washing can lead to cracked, flaky hands and fingertips. However, Palmolive’s Antibacterial White Tea Hand Wash is helping with that. It blends the cleansing properties we need with good-for-the-barrier ingredients, ensuring that our hands aren't longing for lotion after every trip to the basin.” -Alina

A fragrance that defines you!

“Sapphire has come up with their fragrance collection lately, and I kid you not, I’ve been loving the fragrance of their new perfume Serenity, since the day I tried that one. Comes in a chic bottle, it delights you with its fresh fragrance; the scent is subtle but lovely just like a fresh breeze. It is light and feminine as it is big on jasmine, rose and violet, all there to calm the soul. As perfumes are a must to have in this scorching heat of the city, this new fragrance can be your instant favourite and that too in a budget which is a plus.” - Rubab