Mushk Kaleem talks about coping with body image issues


Struggling with your body image is incredibly common, and despite how it can make you feel, you're certainly not alone. That’s exactly why it’s so fantastic that those with large platforms are shedding light on body insecurity, because yes, it can happen to anyone. Model Mushk Kaleem, on World Mental Health Day, has been awesomely open about how she coped with body dysmorphia. “2019, was probably the most rewarding year of my career, but when I look back and think about all that I went through last year, I realise that my mental health had completely taken a back seat,” she said. “I was hospitalised on my 25th birthday last year. I was almost 48 kilos and I was suffering from severe body dysmorphia. I would spend hours obsessing over my weight, about losing those few inches on my waist, about getting those perfect hips, or about just looking the part. I had started starving myself, not eating for 24 hours and more, I was abusing drugs, I was unhealthy. I was a 6ft girl suffering from severe anorexia. I would occasionally blackout,” she continued. The model stated that after realising she needed help she went into therapy and after a year she became a happier person. “I decided that I could still be beautiful, no matter what number the weighing scale would say.”