I went through weight loss of about four kgs, and I lost fat from my waist, legs etc but not from my face. I do some facial yoga exercises to help me but they don't seem to work. How can I lose face fat? I want to lose these chubby cheeks. Please help!

One can't spot reduce. Facial and yoga exercises are not that effective. You have to lose overall fat to reduce face fat.

My son, 34, gets severe headaches occasionally. He consumes more than 18 eggs per week. Can that be the cause of the headaches?

Ask him to take a balanced diet. Excess of anything is bad. And get his cholesterol levels checked as well.

How many calories should a 5'6, 164 lbs 17-year-old who exercises vigorously four to five days a week consume per day?

The question is kind of incomplete. I need to know the individual's gender and goal as well to determine the calorie requirements.

I have been struggling to gain weight and muscle for years now with a BMI averaging around 18-19. Can you recommend any healthy options for increasing calories and gaining weight?

Eat in calorie surplus. Make sure you're eating enough protein to build muscle and strength train as well.

What is the maximum amount of sugar that someone who is pre-diabetic can consume? Also, do Sucral and Canderel or similar products actually work?

According to the USDA guidelines, the recommended sugar intake for adult women is 22 grams/day and 36 grams/day for adult men. •