17 October, 1989 – Loma Prieta earthquake rocked California

Santa Cruz County was the most affected by the 6.9 magnitude earthquake. It was the first major earthquake on the San Andreas Fault since the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

18 October, 1967 – First space probe to enter the atmosphere of another planet

The Soviet Probe Venera 4 entered Venus’ atmosphere and sent back information to Earth for about 90 minutes before it lost contact. Venera 7 landed on Venus a few years later, becoming the first probe to land on another planet.

19 October, 1943 – Streptomycin was discovered

The miracle antibiotic that became the first line of offense against tuberculosis in the mid 20th century was isolated for the first time by Albert Schatz while working under Selman Waksman at Rutgers University.

20 October, 1973 – Sydney Opera House opened its doors

The iconic building, which was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, was designed by Danish architect Oberg Utzon. Construction on the performing arts center cost over $100 million.

21 October, 1959 – The Guggenheim opened its doors

The Guggenheim Museum displays works from some of the world’s most celebrated and sought-after contemporary artists. It was first opened in 1939 as the Museum of Non-Objective Painting.

22 October, 1779 – First person to jump with a parachute

French balloonist André-Jacques Garnerin jumped out of a balloon over Parc Monceau in Paris using a silk parachute that he made himself.

23 October, 2001 – Apple announced the first iPod player

The iPod is the world's best-selling portable media player. Already 6 years after its initial launch, Apple announced that 100 million devices had been sold.