The Mischief Ends, Season: 3
  • 17 Oct - 23 Oct, 2020
  • Salaar Laghari
  • Fiction

Rahman let go of his collar and said in his thoughts,

Oh, my God! Is this my nephew Harun?

Rahman was more than just shocked as he was considering this possibility.

All of a sudden Rahman felt someone hit him on his head from behind. Rahman had dodged a bit which was why he wasn’t that badly hit. However, he fell on the ground, but he was stunned and was thinking about what if that young guy was really his nephew.

Moiz said to Jafar who had just hit Rahman with a wooden rod,

“I think there’s a wallet in his pocket.”

“Yes, check his pockets and whatever you find just hand it over to me.”

Rahman was not resisting at all, he was simply staring this kid trying to figure out who he was. He wondered,

Does he resemble his mother or his father?

He observed Moiz’ face while he was taking out the wallet from his pocket.

Moiz handed over the wallet to Jafar. Jafar said to him,

“Well done! Now make sure you haven’t missed anything and if you find anything, just bring it over there.”

Jafar left the spot and walked towards another direction.

Rahman who was stunned and was lying on the ground like a dead person said to himself,

I have to get him out of this place. I have to take him back.

Moiz checked his pockets and said getting a bit fed up,

“Can’t you stand up for a moment?”

Rahman looked at him and asked,

“Kid, is your name Harun?”


Rahman stood up within few seconds and asked him again,

“Please tell me kid, who

are you?”

“Why are you asking again?”

Moiz checked the pockets of his pants and found a cell phone. He said to Rahman,

“Are you going to hand this over easily or what?”

“Listen kid…”

“I want that phone right now.”

Rahman was a bit irritated and so he said,

“Forget the phone; I will get you a job. I will let you earn with pride. But right now you have to come with me.”

“I know you are just trying to play tricks with me. But there’s no person in this world that can fool me.”

Rahman got a bit angry now.

Rahman turned towards his left and before leaving, he said,

“I’m going now. But mark my words, you don’t belong here.”

Rahman left him and walked towards the exit of the street.


Days later in some other city, Rizwan who was staying alone at a hotel heard his cell phone ringing. He answered the call,


“Mr Rizwan, it’s me Salman.”

“Salman, who?”

“I am your Uncle Taha’s grandson.”

“Oh, oh yes Mr Salman, how are you?”

“I’m good. Look sir, what you are looking for is here at our house. We do have what Uncle Khattab wanted to hide.”

“Oh, well, that’s great!” Rizwan got excited.

“You can come here at our house whenever you want to.”

“Oh, well, can I come tomorrow afternoon?”

“Yes, that’s fine you can come.”

“Great. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Rizwan thanked him and disconnected the call.


That moment at Rahman’s house, his mother Alia and his wife Anum were seated together in the living room. He was really upset and he was talking to them,

“This has been a really strange month. Last thirty days have shaken me up badly.”

“I understand,” his mother said.

“First, we got to know about Khattab’s secret about Uncle Hannan. Then we get the wrong package which led to another mystery. A mysterious note that might upset my father.”

“What note?” his mother asked.

“Then, I got to know that Jafar the criminal is still alive.”

“Yeah,” Anum agreed.

“And now the worst part…our nephew is still alive and is working for Jafar.”

“Tell me about it.”

“I mean how worse could this month get?”

“Rahman,” his mother said,

“I think you should calm

down first.”

“I am calm.”

“The way you are taking like this, nothing would be resolved quite easily, nothing.”

“At the moment,” Rahman answered, “I want nothing more than my nephew Harun. I want to see him with us. I want him to know the truth. He should know that the guy he is looking up to as his master and his father has killed his mother.”

“Oh, God!” Anum uttered hearing the dark side of the story.

“Yes, and his father or his goons I don’t remember, they killed his father.”

“How are you going to convince that kid?” his mother asked.

“That’s the most difficult part.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean I tried, but I was too shocked to use proper words at that moment.”

“Tell me, does your father know about all of this?”

“I tried his number but it seems that there are no signals that could reach him.”

“I see.”

They had a little more conversation until they had dinner.


Next morning, Rizwan was having breakfast in the hotel where he was staying. He saw his phone ringing. He checked the caller’s ID, it was Mahnoor’s call. He wiped his hands with a handkerchief and answered the call,

“Hello, Mahnoor!”

He heard nothing besides crying of a woman from the other line. He asked,

“Mahnoor, are you crying? Is everything alright?”

“Father has passed away,” she said crying.

“What?” Rizwan asked getting shocked.

“I said my father has passed away.”

Rizwan immediately disconnected the call and held his forehead with utmost regret and disappointment.

Oh, my God! I can’t believe it.

He felt some tears in his eyes and then said,

Although, it was expected. But it would have been better if I had talked to him once.

He looked up at the mirror of the room and said,

This is so heartbreaking. I feel so guilty.

He stood up and looked straight at his reflection in the mirror,

If only I had talked to him nicely last time, I would have felt better at the moment.

He then suggested to himself,

I can’t attend his funeral, but Rahman can.

He picked up his cell phone and said,

I think I should call him now and ask him immediately to go and attend his funeral.

He dialed Rahman’s cell phone number and placed the phone next to his ear.

“Hello?” Rahman answered the call after two rings.

“Hello Rahman, I have some bad news,” Rizwan said to him.

“Dad, I’ve been trying your number for quite a few days. You have no idea about what I have discovered recently.”

“Look son, we will talk about that stuff some other time. But right now I have to tell you something very upsetting.”

“Is everything okay?”

“Your uncle has passed away. Uncle Khattab.”

“Oh, my God! Really?” Rahman asked getting shocked and upset.

“Yes, Mahnoor just called me and gave me this bad news.”

“Really? I can’t believe it.”

“We were expecting it though.”

“Yeah, but not this soon.”

“I know. Anyways, you have to go and attend his funeral.”

“Yeah sure, I will go. What about you? Are you coming back anytime soon?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Oh, so anyways I’ll call

you later.”

“If you want to tell me what you were about to, you can.”

“I don’t think so Dad. You won’t be able to carry this load. It will become too heavy.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ll tell you later. I’ll call you. I’m hanging up now.”

As the call got disconnected, Rizwan wiped off his tears and said to himself,

Alright, that’s enough. I have to go now and collect that package.


Three Days Later

Rahman was standing inside the graveyard, seeing the undertakers carrying Khattab’s casket and heading towards the grave. He was upset seeing this and he wondered,

My father couldn’t make it. I think he is more concerned about his brother Hannan. Well, I can’t argue since this is what Uncle Khattab wanted.

He left the graveyard since the funeral was over.

While he was walking away from the graveyard, he was wondering,

Could this month get any worse?

He gave this entire month a highlight in his mind but what caught his attention more than anything else was his nephew who was presumed dead, but turned out to be alive.

How many matters do I have to handle? A mountain of shocking news has fallen upon me.

He remembered how he was taken away from his sister and how she cried for her son.

Oh, God! He cried in agony. My sister really had a terrible life.

He stopped walking as he was deeply upset for a moment.

After a minute, he stopped crying, wiped off his tears and said,

Alright, that’s it. I have had it with crying. Now I am not going to sit and wait for my father to return. I have to take a stand on my own.

He remembered his nephew’s eyes and continued speaking,

I am glad that my nephew can see now. He has been provided with vision. It can be considered as a blessing from God.

He started walking and said,

I just need to resolve this note’s mystery. Once this is resolved, I will go straight to Jafar and get back my nephew.


Inside the old house where Hannan was lying on his bed, he remembered the time of his life when the entire mischief begin and how the two brothers were in the same team.

He remembered his’ and Rizwan’s conversation with Uncle Taha,

“A dark period?” Rizwan asked.

“Yes, that’s your father’s prediction,” Mr Taha answered.

“Did he mention that it would come over us?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact he did state that.”

“What were his exact words?” Hannan asked curiously.

“I don’t know exactly but the diary must have it and I would ask you two to attain that diary.”

“What good the diary will do?”

“It will help you guys find out about your father’s prophecies.”

“That’s one thing,” Rizwan answered, “would we be able to prevent those prophecies.”

“No, I don’t think so,” Hannan answered spontaneously. “Our father’s legacy cannot be easily challenged.”

“No one is challenging his prophecies Hannan,” Rizwan replied to his comment.

“What I’m saying is that we cannot prevent what has to happen?”

“Yeah I agree,” Mr Taha said to him.

“That is one thing,” Rizwan added, “but isn’t there any way we can prove him wrong.”

“What?” Hannan asked angrily. “What did you just say?”

“I said that there must be some way we can prove our father’s prophecies to be wrong.”

“Shut up!” Hannan said pointing his finger at Rizwan.

“Just shut up!”

“What is wrong with you?”

“Take back what you just said.”

“What is wrong with you man, I just said…”

Hannan stood up getting furious and said,

“I’m asking you for the last time; take it back whatever you said about our father. It was demeaning; it was disrespectful, take it back or I’m leaving.”

“Hannan,” Mr Taha said trying to hold his hand, “just calm down.”

Hannan snatched his hand from him and said,

“Don’t…Don’t try to defend him. He has disrespected our father.”

Rizwan held his forehead and said,

“Hannan, you’re over reacting. You always do that. Stop it and don’t make a mess of everything.”

Hannan turned his direction and started walking angrily.

“Hannan!” Mr Taha called him out.

Hannan came back from his flashback and said,

Oh God, I was so emotional and over sentimental. My last wish before dying is to see my brother once again and apologise for everything.


Two Days Later

Rizwan was sitting in his hotel room and was looking at the large cardboard box. He said out loud,

Thank God! I have finally attained what I was dying to get.

He then, looked at his cell phone and said,

Alright, now I need one hour by myself. I better switch off my phone so that I can discover all that I have to know about my half-brother Hannan.

He then stood up and opened the cardboard box. He took out a pile of old papers and read the one on top.