Angelina Jolie penned down a powerful essay against domestic violence on women

In a new essay for TIME, actress and activist Angelina Jolie voiced concern over increased violence against women during the corona virus pandemic. Echoing the UN Secretary General's latest report on COVID-19, which states that "gains on gender equality risk being reversed by decades," Jolie made it clear that the pandemic is not the sole cause of continued threats against women – such as domestic violence that are prevalent across the globe. "While the virus has inflamed inequities in societies, it did not create them," the Oscar winner explained. "Humans – not disease are responsible for unjust laws and systems, and racial and social inequality. The corona virus is just the latest excuse for all that we didn't fix ourselves." She cited how, in America alone, "more than three women a day on average were murdered by their husbands or boyfriends." We applaud Jolie on penning down such a powerful essay and raising her voice on these major issues of the society. Jolie reminded readers that protecting women should not be a "partisan issue," but it has become one.