To the Lake

  • 17 Oct - 23 Oct, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly

To the Lake is scarily prescient. As we zoom in on a snowy landscape, we see a scraggly man stumbling along, white irises in his eyes. He collapses, coughing up blood, in a creek. A woman wakes up. The woman dreaming is a psychologist named Anna (Viktoriya Isakova), who is consoled by her boyfriend Sergey (Kirill Käro). Sergey gets called away from their wealthy suburb to go into Moscow; he says it’s business, but it’s to meet his son Anton (Saveliy Kudryashov); his ex-wife Irina (Maryana Spivak) is severely restricting visitation for seemingly spiteful reasons. While in the park, they encounter someone who collapses of some unknown malady. We then see Lyonya (Aleksandr Robak) paying for the damage his daughter Polina (Viktoriya Agalakova) created in rehab. On the way back, they see their neighbour Sergey, who is flying a new drone with Anna’s son Misha (Eldar Kalimulin). Lyonya invites Sergey and his new family to dinner, where he’s completely inappropriate to Anna and Misha. After that disaster of a dinner, they hear about the pandemic that has been running through Moscow, causing people to spit up blood and killing them eventually. To the Lake tells its story effectively, though it does start off slowly.