Instagram on its 10th birthday brings back their classic icons to celebrate

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Instagram launched 10 years ago: the photo-sharing app first hit the App Store on October 6th, 2010, a few months after the release of the iPhone 4. To celebrate, Instagram has added an Easter egg to the app that lets you change its home screen icon. The icons available include the classic Polaroid-style camera designs that were used for more than five years. The app update also includes another feature: a private map and archive of your stories from the past three years. To access the new icons, go to the settings within the app and do a long swipe down on the screen to reveal some emoji. Once you’ve swiped down far enough, the icons will be unlocked and you’ll see a message from Instagram. The icons Easter egg still appears to be in the process of rolling out. It sounds like the icons will only be available during October. Instagram’s message reads “this month we’re inviting you to change your app icon to your favourite,” so don’t get too attached.

Song stuck in your head? Spotify will now let you search using lyrics

For those times when you’re constantly singing a line of a song but just can’t remember what song those lyrics came from, Spotify can now help you with that. You can now search for songs by their lyrics on iOS and Android. The feature looks to be pretty straightforward – type in some lyrics into Spotify’s search bar and the app will surface songs that match. Songs that could be what you’re looking for will have a “Lyrics match” tag, Spotify designer Lin Wang also tweeted: I could see how searching by lyrics could be a really handy feature, especially for people like me. I’m quite bad at remembering song titles, but I can usually remember the key line of a chorus. It seems like that’s all I’d need to know to be able to find a song on Spotify that’s stuck in my head. However, Spotify is catching up to Apple with this feature – Apple Music has let you search for songs using lyrics since 2018. This isn’t the only lyrics-related feature Spotify has added recently. The company introduced real-time lyrics provided by Musixmatch to 26 markets in June.