Style your coffee table

Your coffee table may not be the largest piece of furniture in your living room, but it does function as the focal point of the space and switching up the decor on its surface can have a big style impact for the entire room. So if you’re looking for a little refresh in your living room, here are some easy styling tips to help you decorate your own coffee table like a pro.

You won't forget your daily serving of fruit if you place a bowl of it right on your coffee table.

A decorative tray is key. It dresses up your table and keeps accessories contained to avoid a cluttered look.

Add colour with fresh flower vases.

From peaceful glows to enchanting jars and scents, there’s very little that candles can’t accomplish as decor.

Leaving coasters out on display is a friendly reminder to guests to take one when setting down their drinks.

Bring in books as they are a great conversation starter and add instant personality to the table.