5-year-old boy saves mother's life during epileptic seizure by using Amazon's Alexa

  • 17 Oct - 23 Oct, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Mag Files

A Pennsylvania mother has her five-year-old son – and Amazon's Alexa – to thank for saving her life after the boy used the smart device to call for help while she suffered an epileptic seizure. Just one week before Natalie Neal received a call from her grandson, Tyrion Spann, notifying her of the medical emergency, the grandmother said she decided to program Alexa so that Tyrion could call whenever he wanted. According to Neal, Tyrion was home alone with his mother Jasmine on Sept. 20 when she suffered one of the worst epileptic seizures she's ever had. Once he realised that his mom was unconscious, Tyrion jumped into action and called his grandmother. Now, almost 10 days after the medical emergency, Neal told that her daughter is doing well and commended her grandson for saving his mother's life. While the incident has inspired Tyrion to become a police officer or a firefighter when he grows up, Neal said she's finding it as a reminder of the power of technology, especially for the younger generations. I'm old school, so we were trained to call 911," Neal explained to the outlet. "And I think in current times, our children have to learn how to use Alexa, the technology, to their advantage."