Pakistani drama industry has been blessed with immense talent coming out every other day. Yes, not everybody can sustain in the long run because of the tremendous competition. But Suqaynah Khan is that one actress who with her intense screen presence and flawless acting skills has time and again, proved her mettle with every single project that she did. With

beautifully sculpted facial features, she also has a captivating voice that one just simply cannot ignore. She has exhibited her impeccable acting talent, be it when playing the central character of Haya in Haya Ke Daaman Mein or portraying the extensive shady character of Shazia in her recent drama serial Mehboob Aap Ke Qadmoun Mein.

From ad campaigns for brands, to drama serials and now film, she has done it all and that too very immaculately. As the actress talks about picking up challenging characters that require additional efforts, it is so confound that the audience nowadays starts judging by how glammed up an actor’s Instagram account seems to be, clearly forgetting the hard work that goes behind creating a final product for the audiences to get entertained. Started working as a child star, the actress has quite a long journey in the industry. MAG caught up with the very talented Suqayna Khan, where the Tevar star talked her heart out about nepotism, her first silver screen project, preferring TV dramas over films and much more. Excerpts:

Tell us something about Suqaynah Khan. Who she really is off the camera?

I’m a very simple and family oriented woman. I consider myself a very emotional soul, to be honest. Moreover, I don’t like socialising much and hence, I don’t have too many friends.

You have been in the industry for quite some time now, how has been the overall journey for you?

I started as a child star, I have worked in so many projects and it surely has been one hell of a ride. I have been blessed to work with such amazing people throughout my journey. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that I haven’t had a single bad experience in this industry so far.

You debuted on the silver screen last year with Tevar, how will you differentiate the film medium from TV? Also, what is your favourite medium when it comes to acting?

Films undoubtedly demand a lot more hard work. Being an artist everyone wishes to work on the big screen but I mostly prefer TV dramas because I think I am still learning and also, not ready as of yet to work on the silver screen.

Your character Shazia in Mehboob Aapke Qadmon Mein was widely praised. Today, when actresses are reluctant to play negative roles in dramas, was it difficult for you to say yes for a shady character?

Okay so, when I received the script I wasn’t too sure whether I could do justice with this character because out of all the projects that I’ve worked on, I’m not going to lie, this was the most challenging one for me. But I took it up as a challenge to prove everyone, especially myself that I can do it and the response was mind blowing.

What are the factors you keep in mind when you sign a new project?

I usually prefer challenging roles. So, before I sign any project I always go through the script first and look for what my given character is all about and then the remaining aspects, the story etc.

Are you a directors’ actor or you like to portray the characters in your own way?

To make the show brilliantly appealing, you must have a great work understanding with the director. I try my best to meet my director’s expectations when it comes to my character and I always put in my own efforts too.

Do you see any of your colleagues or co-stars as your competitors?

All the artists have their own capacity and a different way of working altogether. I have never paid much attention to these things, my job is to focus on my own craft and give my best shot.

Do you think there are loyal friendships in the showbiz industry? And do you have a trusted friend from your line of profession?

As far as friendships are concerned nowadays, loyalty is hard to come by whether it’s in the Media industry or even in normal life. In my opinion, you are your own best friend.

What do you think about the idea of nepotism in the industry? Does it exist here?

I think nepotism is everywhere and not just in the industry. I believe if you have talent, you won’t need anyone to achieve your goals.

What will be your favourite character that you’ve played till date?

It would be Shazia’s character from Mehboob Aapke Qadmon Mein because it has been quite a challenge for me.

If you are offered a role from across the border when things go normal, will you be willing to take up the offer?

There’s no boundary for art. If I’m offered a decent role then, I will definitely do it.

Which female celebrity do you look up to as your inspiration?

I don’t have any inspiration. I get inspired from anyone who is good at their craft.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I haven’t set any goals because life is very unpredictable.

Give us a glimpse of what your upcoming projects are?

There are a few projects that I’m working on which you will see soon.

Lastly, what will you advice to girls who want to take up acting as a profession?

Whatever you do give your 100 per cent and don’t ever look for shortcuts. Just believe that if you have talent and passion then, no one can stop you.


One thing you really want to learn?

To be happy, always.

What is your all time favourite travel destination?


3 things you don't leave your home without?

Mobile, water bottle and a good bye kiss to my mom.

The smart phone app you use the most?


One thing you can’t stand?

When I see anyone crying.

A beauty brand you swear by?


Any character you wish you had played?

Rani Padmavat.

Greatest achievement in life?

My own house.

Your favourite food?

Desi food.

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