There is nothing more unpatriotic than throwing your rubbish on the ground! You wouldn’t do it in another country so why to do it in your own. It’s one thing to drop rubbish because there is no one stopping you doing it. It’s another to do it because you just don’t care. Two different reasons but both of them need to change now.

Shaniera Akram took to Twitter and showed utter disappointment on seeing litter all over Sea View beach. The humanitarian is actively participating in finding out ways to make the city cleaner and greener.

Congratulations @realshoaibmalik on becoming the first Pakistani cricketer and top third in the world to score 10,000 runs in T20! Entire Pakistan is proud of you my friend.

Urwa Hocane congratulated Shoaib Malik on achieving the milestone to become the first Pakistani and top third player in the world to score 10,000 runs in T20. Many congratulations to the cricketer.

Meghan and I are on the same page: we both believe that when girls have access to education, everyone wins. Thank you so much to The Duke and Duchess of Sussex for sitting down with me to have an important conversation about the future of our world.

Malala thanked The Duke and Duchess of Sussex to have joined her for a very informative conversation where they talked about accessible education for girls.

This world mental health day, join us in raising our voice and encouraging others to #MoveForMentalHealth. We can all play our part. Let’s invest in mental health, start having those conversations, remove the stigma and judgment, let’s speak up and most importantly, let’s listen!

Sanam Saeed urges everyone to raise their voice and start taking mental health seriously. Mental health is for real, and shouldn’t be taken for granted.