October 24, 1926 – Last performance of Houdini

The world famous escape artist performed for the last time at the Garrick Theater in Detroit, Michigan.

October 25, 1854 – Battle of Balaclava

An alliance of Britain, France, and the Ottoman Empire fought the Battle of Balaclava against the Russian Empire during the Crimean War.

October 26, 1825 – Erie Canal opened for ships

The canal which connects Lake Erie in Buffalo, New York, to the Hudson River in Albany, New York, was used to ship goods when it was cheaper and effective to transport through the waterways.

October 27, 1682 – City of Philadelphia was founded

The historical city in the State of Pennsylvania was founded by English entrepreneur; William Penn. Penn received the land as a payment to fulfill a debt that King Charles II owed to Penn’s father.

October 28, 1938 – Germany expelled Polish Jews

Germany expelled about 17000 Polish Jews and sent them to Poland which refused to take them in.

October 29, 1863 – Red Cross was founded

Also known as the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the Red Cross is a humanitarian institution that has been a three-time recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

October 30, 1973 – Bosphorous Bridge in Istanbul opened for the first time

Construction on the suspension bridge over the Bosphorus began in February 1970. The bridge, which connects Asia with Europe, was designed by British engineers Gilbert Roberts and William Brown.