Growing up, Natsuki feels deeply out of place, finding relief only after her cousin Yuu tells her he’s convinced he’s an alien. This novel shares themes with Sayaka Murata’s acclaimed English-language debut, Convenience Store Woman: a deadpan, detached narrative style, a woman caught between her own feelings of being an outsider and society’s pressure to conform.

Billion Dollar Loser

After it was founded in 2010, WeWork seemed poised to change work culture around the world, attracting interest from high-profile investors and expanding at a breakneck pace. The company’s flaws have been well-reported, and ultimately, it’s a story of 21st-century boom and bust. Reeves Wiedeman, a contributing editor at New York magazine, has written a satisfying tick tock of the company’s rapid rise and crash, culminating in its disastrous I.P.O. in 2019 and Neumann’s ouster.

Black Sun

Rebecca Roanhorse, an Indigenous author and the winner of Hugo and Nebula awards, often weaves Navajo elements into her writing. In Black Sun, the first book in a projected trilogy, she draws on pre-Columbian civilizations to tell an epic story, centering on a mysterious young man, Serapio, who sets out to avenge a crime.